Assessment 1 part 1&2 manage quality customer service




Assessment 1 part 1&2 manage quality customer service

Assessment 1 – Manage Quality Customer Service

Foundry Distributions


A) Who are Foundry Distributions customers? Give examples of each

Internal Customers:

Investors are internal customers because they invest money into the company for the company to grow. They are selling, or investing their money, for the hope of bigger returns.

Employees are trading their personal skills and services for a salary

Managers assist with the managing and guidance of staff for money.

Suppliers trade supplies and raw materials for cash

Trainers trade their expertise in training and coaching employees for cash.

Cleaners trade their cleaning skills and services for cash.

External Customers:

Consumers purchase services such as Foundry Distributions for their own personal needs.

Clients become loyal clients to the company and use the service numerously

Manufacturing companies may need to use the foundry distributions for logistics work.

International companies needs transportation and distribution of products to international markets

Internet businesses need shipping and distribution networks around the world.

Large Organisations may need the service for distribution of resources, materials, etc.

B) To start the transition of changing foundry industries into a customer driven organisation, Leah decides ensure that her department becomes an open communication environment. She wants to lead by example.

Take responsibility – make sure that she fulfils her own responsibilities before judging and ordering others

Tell the truth – she must tell the truth even if it may hurt feelings. Being honest may be better for improving skills than lying.

Be courageous – have courage to do things that she believes will benefit the company

Acknowledge failure – she must acknowledge her failure so that she knows how to improve

Be persistent – do not give up so easily

Create Solutions – always try to come up with new solutions to continuously improve

Listen – listen to others about problems and try to resolve other people’s problems

Delegate Liberally make sure that tasks are delegated fairly. It is not good to make unfair delegations.

Take care of yourself make sure that she can take care of herself before trying to take care of others

Don’t be afraid to do work it is important to leading by examples means getting your hands dirty and doing hard work.


Assessment 1 part 1&2 manage quality customer service
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Don’t be afraid to do work it is important to leading by examples means getting your hands dirty and doing hard work.

Ask questions ask questions to make sure that the employees understand their roles and responsibilities

Give feedback getting feedback will help identify issues and areas of improvement.

C) How can she do this?

  • Get feedback from customers
  • Make sure that the customer preferences are identified
  • Provide questionnaires and surveys to get data about customer preferences and trends
  • Make decisions that will benefit the customers
  • Market the organisation as a customer driven organisation
  • Provide examples of how the company has considered the consumer needs and wants.
  • Open communication needs to be both ways. This can be done by:

  • Getting feedback from employees
  • Providing positive feedback to employees
  • Involving all employees in company decisions
  • Increase team work
  • Encourage more communication
  • Have organisational gatherings to improve social relationships
  • Lead by Example

    Explained earlier she can:

  • Take responsibility
  • Tell the truth
  • Be courageous
  • Acknowledge failure
  • Be persistent
  • Create Solutions
  • Listen
  • Delegate Liberally
  • Take care of yourself
  • Don’t be afraid to do work
  • Ask questions
  • Give feedback
  • D) To rip down the territorial walls between staff in her department and other departments, suggest steps that can be taken.

  • Build stronger relationships between departments
  • Encourage teamwork between departments
  • Use both departments together to overcome competitors
  • Encourage staff members to communicate with other departments
  • Create an organisation event with all departments
  • Make sure that there is no serious issues between the departments
  • Stop all conflicts by treating the departments the same
  • E) Leah researches the recent drop in sales and finds that there was recently a large turnover of staff in her department. Those left in the department that stayed on have influences the attitude of the new staff members. She has also contacted two customers who recently found another distribution company to meet their needs. The customer claimed that foundry industries was unable to meet their needs.

    Drop in sales means that the customers have more reasons to not purchase from Foundry Distributions. There are many factors which customers will consider such as the quality of the product, other competitors, price, convenience, etc. Leah must identify why the customers are not returning. This can be done wull effective feedback. Leah finds out that foundry does not meet customer needs. Foundry must make a questionnaire or survey to provide to the market. they must identify which customer needs are not being met, and how to provide these needs to the customer.

    Turnover of staff can also be impacted…


    Assessment 1 part 1&2 manage quality customer service
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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