Assessment 1 Part A Case Study Brambles




Assessment 1 Part A Case Study Brambles

Assessment 1 Part A Case Study Brambles


4 Sources of Information that could assist me with determining the required skills and qualifications needed for the financial manager position:

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Market research
  • Accountants
  • 2.

    Job Description

    Name of Position: Financial Manager

    Location: Brambles

    Department: Finance Department

    Relationship: As the financial manager, you must report to the General Manager.

    Purpose: the purpose of the financial manager position is to manage the organisation’s financial performance and monitor and review the finances of the company. The financial manager also has to overlook other financial staff and accountants.

    Primary Duties:

  • providing and interpreting financial information;
  • monitoring and interpreting cash flows and predicting future trends;
  • analysing change and advising accordingly;
  • formulating strategic and long-term business plans;
  • researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance;
  • analysing competitors and market trends;
  • Other Duties:

  • developing financial management mechanisms that minimise financial risk;
  • conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities;
  • managing a company’s financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems
  • Qualifications

    The finance manager candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting. Preference will be given to candidates with the Certified Public Accountant or Certified Management Accountant designations.


    Equivalent business experience and 10+ years of progressively responsible experience for a major company or division of a large corporation.

    Other Qualities

    Excellent communication skills are essential, particularly in regard to presenting the results of analyses to management. Should have an outstanding knowledge of electronic spreadsheets.


    Job Advertisement

    Company Name: Brambles

    Position: Financial Manager

    Location: Brambles Sydney

    Salary: $75,000 + commission & bonuses

    Brief: A financial manager is responsible for providing financial advice and support to clients and colleagues to enable them to make sound business decisions. Specific work environments vary considerably and include both public and private sector organisations, such as multinational corporations, retailers, financial institutions, NHS trusts, charities, manufacturing companies, universities and general businesses.

    Essential Criteria:

  • 10 years’ experience
  • ......

    Assessment 1 Part A Case Study Brambles
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    ’ experience

  • qualifications
  • CPA or MBA
  • Can create and understand financial documents
  • Desired Criteria

  • Have a flare with numbers
  • Great computing skills
  • Experienced with financial management software
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Application Process

    To apply, you must send your resume and cover letter to the Brambles recruitment email or you can apply through the website.


    Sex Discrimination Act

    Racial Discrimination Act

    Human Rights Act

    WHS Act


    Interview Plan


  • Prepare for the interview
  • Make sure that you have a list of open questions to ask
  • Remember the names of the applicants
  • Prepare the interview room to look formal and official
  • During

  • Act confident
  • Ask questions that can get the applicants interests and personality
  • Ask questions that are relevant and appropriate
  • Each interview will last about 10-20 minutes
  • After

  • Provide feedback from the interview
  • Announce other similar positions that they may be able to apply for
  • 6.

    To identify which candidates pass through to the interview stages, I will review certain factors in their resume. First I will review their experience and education. Then I will look at their skills and specific talents. Lastly I will contact their references to get feedback.

    I will allocate between 10 to 20 minutes for each interview.

    The steps involved in scheduling the interviews, is that I will ask the candidates when they can come for the interview, and I will try to organise a day which many candidates can come for interview.

    I would ask them to bring:

  • Photo ID
  • Copy of their resume
  • any certificates of education
  • 7.

    10 questions for interview

  • What do you think you are good for this job?
  • Describe a situation that was difficult but you overcame it
  • What are your career goals
  • Do you like to work alone or in a team?
  • Give examples of when you worked as a team
  • Have you ever gotten angry at your employer?
  • How much do you expect to be paid?
  • How do you measure your success
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time
  • What would you say is your biggest strength and biggest weakness?
  • Rating Sheet

    Job Position: Financial Manager

    Department: Finance


    We will look at the responses of the candidates and compare with using certain criteria. We will be looking for the candidates that will be most suitable and appropriate to the organisation. the selection panel…


    Assessment 1 Part A Case Study Brambles
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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