Assessment 1 project (1)




Assessment 1 project (1)

BSBPMG522 – BBQ at Park

Assessment 1

Project outline

We decided to organise the BBQ at Municipal Park and having both gas and wood-fired BBQ. We have to make a plan for choose the suitable date and decide on the number of guests and menu and catering arrangements.


  • To hold a successful celebratory barbeque at the municipal park.
  • Objectives:

  • Supply plastic cups, utensils, and paper plates for 25 guests.
  • Provide food for 25 guests: Hamburgers, hotdogs, vegetarian burgers, salads, chips, condiments, and drinks.
  • Cover all necessary expenses within budget of $500.
  • Prepare and serve food for all guests within a 1.5 hour period.
  • Allow 30 minutes for arrival, 2 hours for games and prizes, making a total time for the event 4 hours.
  • Clean area before leaving.
  • Project scope document

    Roles and Responsibilities

    Project Plan

    Project titleBBQ party

    Project purposeYou have decided to organise a celebratory barbeque at a nearby Centennial park that has both gas and wood-fired barbeques. There is usually a supply of dry wood there. There are several fixed tables with seats, in the open. There is a small covered gazebo in the park. You will need to set the date, decide on the number of guests, menu and catering arrangements (BYO or other). You have enlisted several of your friends to assist in the planning and organising of your barbeque.

    Background and strategic context

  • Have a good BBQ part with friends.
  • ......

    Assessment 1 project (1)
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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  • Have a good BBQ part with friends.
  • Socialise with friends and family
  • Project Objective

    Have a safe and successful BBQ party.

    -everyone has their own transport

    -there is enough food for everyone

    -it will not rain


    Project client/owner


    Project sponsor


    Project Manager


    Manager of the project manager


    Project team members

    Mike, Ching, Hai

    Key stakeholders







    Resource and cost plan

    Project risk assessment

    Risk Plan

    Risk form

    Risk log

    Each Member of the team must submit a copy of the completed template and report


    Assessment 1 project (1)
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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