assessment 1 – project4




assessment 1 – project4

Scenario 4 – my restaurant

Assessment 1 – Part A

  • Scope

    The purpose of this project is improve the renovation of this restaurant that I work in.


    Renovate the restaurant and make it more attractive


    The major parameter will be the money to purchase the new products.

  • Managers
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Government
  • Clarifications were accepted

  • The limits are that I have very little experience in project management and design.

  • The organisation wants to offer the customer the best service possible. The environment is very important for this.

  • The resources that I will need for this project include:

  • Money
  • Human resources
  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Assessment 1 – Part B

  • Goals

  • Improve lay out
  • More space
  • Safer workplace
  • Timelines

    Finish the project within 3 weeks

    Work breakdown structure

    This project can be split into the,: purchasing, designing, implementing, monitoring

    Role and responsibility

    Every employee with have their own roles and responsibility set for them during the team meeting.

  • Project Budget

  • assessment 1 – project4
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    Make the meeting, emails and phone calls to the team members

  • The project plan has been finalised.

    Assessment 1 – Part C

  • I have met with the team members and the instructions have been confirmed for each team member about their roles and responsibilities.

  • I will give the team members all the equipment and tools required to perform their jobs. They will also receive sufficient pay for their hard work.

  • I will be recording all documents and reports. They will be scanned and saved in the company database.

  • The budget will be used to ensure that the company is under the budget and able to perform within the budget for the whole project.

  • Project report

    This project is to renovate the restaurant and improve the look of the restaurant. This will improve the popularity and help the restaurant look must better.

  • Assessment 1 – part D

  • Records management is one of the 4 areas of compliance and must be done properly. There are many rules and regulations on the correct policies and procedures that a company must follow. If the policies and procedures are not at a good enough standard, the company may end up paying large fines. One of the major compliances of records management is the security and reliability of the records management. Making sure that the records are managed in a safe system that is easily accessible and sorted into very effective and efficient categories is another very important compliance.

  • The employees were assigned the roles that they were most effective in.

  • The project scope and the project outcomes were similar. There were little differences however these had little impact on the performance.

    It was overall very successful.

  • Lesson I learnd:

  • Must plan forward
  • Get confirmation and also check progress of every factor.
  • Use a budget and monitor the budget to prevent loss of money.
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    assessment 1 – project4
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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