Assessment 1 – role play




Assessment 1 – role play

Task A

Business Requirements Documents

Team Members


  • John Vandrine
  • Permanent Staff

  • Deb Papadopoulos
  • Dawn Schultz
  • Danny Jones
  • Paul Trang
  • Mae Willis
  • Terry De Santo
  • 6 Casual Staff

    Organisational Chart

    Version Signoff


    Context Diagram

    Draft Problem Statement

    The population of the town has grown steadily in the last two years and another video store opened in the town six months ago, which, whilst not as old or as big as Diamond Video Rentals, has grown rapidly in the short period.

    John Vandrine is concerned that the business has not grown in line with the town’s growth and patronage seems to be static or even in a slight decline. Also, customer complaints seem to be increasing. With the advent of the new video store, John is keen to increase the competitiveness of his business.

    John has asked IT Solutions to perform an investigation into the benefits of computerising the day-to-day business of the video store.


    To: Mary

    From: Kung, IT Solutions

    Standard and Reference of Documentation and Record Management

    Product: Records management – General

    Available to buy from Sai Global Web shop which is the standard of Documentation and Record management, it costs $74 for a hard copy of the standard, it Provides the best practical records management policies and procedures to ensure that appropriate attention and protection is given to all records, and that the evidence and information they contain can be retrieved more efficiently and effectively.

    It covers the following topics;

  • Appraisal and disposal
  • Strategies
  • Storage
  • Responsibilities
  • Control
  • Training
  • Information Gathering Techniques

    Primary data

    For collecting primary data, David and John must distribute questionnaires and surveys to help identify the best opportunities for promotion of products in Japan. This is information that has been collected first hand which makes it primary data.

    Secondary data......

    Assessment 1 – role play
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    Secondary data

    Researching on government websites and other useful internet websites will be a good idea of the most popular methods of promoting and the most effective methods. These websites are the ones that are trustworthy and hold important information.

    Primary data is the data collected by the researcher themselves, i.e.

  • interview
  • observation
  • action research
  • case studies
  • life histories
  • questionnaires
  • ethnographic research
  • longitudinal studies
  • Secondary sources are data that already exists

  • Previous research
  • Official statistics
  • Mass media products
  • Diaries
  • Letters
  • Government reports
  • Web information
  • Historical data and information
  • Questions to Ask

  • How did you run the business when it first started off?
  • How did you cope with the running of Diamond Video Rentals by yourself?
  • How do you measure the profit margin of Diamond Video Rentals?
  • In which areas do you believe the business is having the most trouble?
  • Where do you want the business to be in the future?
  • How long does it take for staff to answer general questions from customers?
  • How long does it take to notify the customers of their overdue movies?
  • How do the customers re-act to the services provided by your staff?
  • How do customers give their feedback?
  • Do you promote your business in any form? Such as newspaper ads?
  • Questionnaire

    Please fill in all questions

    What do you think of the current level of service provided by the staff?




    Do you believe the process to lend out a movie is too time consuming?

    Yes No

    What areas do you believe should need improving? (Tick those that apply)

  • General Questions
  • Bookings
  • Loaning
  • New Memberships
  • Overdue
  • Availabilities
  • What changes do you believe need to be made to improve the business workings? ...

    Assessment 1 – role play
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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