assessment 1 – sun 2




assessment 1 – sun 2


The Marketing plan of a business is very important and if it is not planned out properly, it can make the business land in major debts. It is important that the future the economy has a big influence on the decisions made and the plans for the marketing strategies.



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Swot Analysis and 3. A, B, C and D


Marketing Mix


Hotels are the product of the Sun Plaza Hotel group. However the whole hotel is not for sale. The main products are the rooms and flats that are in the Hotel. The rooms in the hotel can be any shape or size and the number of rooms in each flat can vary for the customers’ needs.

These products are only for a few nights sleep and cannot be bought, only hired. This product is mainly for business workers who have been sent to Australia to do by their Business to either consult the local branch in Australia or to come to Australia as a personal stay.


The prices of the hotel can vary from each state in Australia because the cost of living in each state is different. The price of a room in Sun Plaza Hotel, compared to many other Luxury Hotels is quite cheaper. However compared to the budget accommodation that is available in the city and other areas, the price for Sun Plaza hotel can be costly.

This can be seen as the Youth customers complain about the price of accommodation being too high in Sun Plaza hotel. This price range is not suitable for backpackers and other people on budget holidays, this is for upper class people who are working or are on holiday.


The Sun Plaza Hotels are location in more than 20 Places around Australia and are in the middle of the populated areas. These hotels are made for people that work or are on holiday and therefore need to be around the CBD, airport or tourist attractions.

The hotels are looking to expand into more places around the world that look as if they would definitely get profit. The placement of these hotels is the most important factor to consider about the future success of the company.


Internet Promoting is the most efficient way to promote a Hotel. Emails can be sent to all previous customers very easily and can be personalised. The website should be very important and provide all the features for people to research and book a room online. It is important that the website is very accessible and easily navigated.

Posters and flyers can also be distributed in a fairly large area such as the CBD or around the airport to attract fast and desperate customers. Keeping customers is just as important as finding new ones and therefore, the Hotel must think of ways to encourage customers to return to the Hotel. This can be done by loyalty discounts and other rewards.



Marketing Plan


Offers – generous offers such as 10% for all weeknights in Winter

Give-aways – By 4 nights or more and receive a free buffet dinner for a family

Mail Coupons – Get distributors to place coupons in mailboxes or give them to businesses to distribute


assessment 1 – sun 2
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s in mailboxes or give them to businesses to distribute

Advertising Plan

Personalized mail – Send mail to customers to show you are still care about them and make them feel important

Posters – posters will give customers the information required to contact the hotel. If they are interested, they will look at the information and contact the hotel.

Website – Website must be neat and very easy to navigate. A customer who can’t navigate the website will feel frustrated and have a bad impression of the hotel service.

Clients – Clients can be used to get frequent customers from businesses which send their workers to Australia for business.




5. Pest Analysis


  • Government regulations about the environment
  • Tax incentives
  • International trade restrictions and laws
  • Employment regulations and policies
  • Competition control
  • Safety policies
  • Economic

  • Growth in the economy
  • How Much the government is spending
  • The policies about the unemployment
  • Exchange rates
  • Inflation and taxation
  • Business life cycle
  • Consumer Confidence
  • Social

  • Shifts and trends in Lifestyle
  • Labour costs
  • Demographics such as average age, income and population
  • Health and living conditions of the population
  • Education and Wealth
  • Technological

  • How much the government is spending on technology
  • The use of new innovations
  • Changes and trends in technology
  • Faster and more accurate tools.
  • Easier lifestyle
  • 6.


    to expand geographically, widen its customer segment & to provide quality accommodation in key business and tourist locations across Australia while maintaining its reputation for an exceptional personalized service”

    Sun Plaza Hotel company plans on increasing…


    assessment 1 – sun 2
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