Assessment 1 – The Sun Plaza Hotel group




Assessment 1 – The Sun Plaza Hotel group

Assessment 1

Part a – Risks and SWOT analysis

  • Risks
  • 2. SWOT Analysis


  • Investor are rich business men and big investing companies.
  • Great features and facilities to improve the customer stay
  • Multiculture staff in all different of positions to help overseas travelers and others who can speak fluent English.
  • Good impressions when new potential customers enter the Buildings of Sun Plaza group
  • Customer Service Staff are effective, well-mannered and friendly
  • Good Locations
  • Weaknesses

  • The more old customers are complaining about the loudness of the younger customers.
  • Young customers are complaining about the price of the building being too expensive.
  • Environment was not energy enough for the younger customers, and the cost was high for the budget of younger travelers.
  • Booking numbers have been decreasing in the last few years due to the economy, rise in petrol and the higher interest rates.
  • Strong Australian dollar making foreign travelers resort to cheaper accommodation such as motels.
  • Opportunities

  • Expand to new territory such as NT, NZ, and WA.
  • Increase in corporate customer base.
  • The Sun Plaza Hotel group looking for clients, such as Large Corporate Organizations which send their employees to Australia, for repeat sales.
  • Lower the number of Younger Customers to increase the number of mature clients who can afford the Payments.
  • Establishing a reputation that will increase the customers through hard work and good quality service.
  • Threats

  • No Market Leader and therefore customers will have a variety of Hotels that can accommodate them.
  • Winter Season not make any profit.
  • Investors withdraw and leave the business with no money.
  • Customer change to a cheaper competitor because the economy in some countries is not good.
  • 3.

    A) How can the Hotel leverage its strengths?

  • Find clients to make more business
  • ......

    Assessment 1 – The Sun Plaza Hotel group
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    Find clients to make more business

  • Multiculturalism in Hotel can improve the communication with more international customers
  • Find more Investors for more money to spend
  • Advertise more.
  • B) How can it eliminate / minimize its weaknesses?

  • Tell the youth customer before they book what they should expect
  • Give Customer offers and rewards to balance for the increases in price of the economy
  • Strong Australian Dollar should be used to their advantage by giving rewards and discounts to foreign travelers from less wealthy and develop countries.
  • Lower the sales to immature youth as the hotels are for more mature and wealthy customers.
  • C) How can it exploit the Opportunities?

  • Improve the sales management team
  • Improve the promotion and advertising management team
  • Target the more mature markets and try to lessen the amount of immature youth customers.
  • Get more investments to then start expanding to new territories.
  • Work hard to make customers feel like they are important and give them a good experience
  • D) How can it deal with the treats?

  • Make sure that the customers that come to the hotel are treated as well as possible to make sure that they come back or recommend others
  • Know the market trends and how to follow it
  • Know the competitors every move and if possible plans for the future of their business. If you know their plans, it can help you achieve a better outcome.
  • Be the best organization that you can be
  • Put the customers before everyone and everything else
  • Part B

    PlaceSun Plaza Hotel Group has a lot of Hotel Properties across Australia. Its main goal is to increase the number of customers which will lead to an increase in the number of Hotels in Australia and potentially in overseas countries.

    The hotels should be located in the more populated areas around Australia like the City CBD in Sydney and Melbourne and other Cities in Australia. The customers of Hotels are usually business men who work in large corporate organizations in the City CBD and tourist locations around Australia.It is most important that Hotels make sure that they take advantage of location and ensure that their location will give them the best possibility of gaining customers.

    PromotionThere are many ways to promote and advertise the services of a hotel. The best ways to promote a hotel would be via the Internet as nowadays people search for everything on the internet. The internet has become the biggest source of information and the internet is the first option for many.

    Making reservations and booking online is the fastest and most convenient way to purchase the services of a Hotel. The Sun Plaza Hotel group should make sure that their Hotel is obvious to any Potential customers searching for hotels in Australia.

    Other ways of promoting the hotels are to place posters and large advertisements in the Airport for new travelers to have knowledge of the Hotel. Most people should plan things before their flight but this is a step that is not expensive and can be effective.

    After finding the customers, it is just as important to try to keep them. To better the chances of customers…


    Assessment 1 – The Sun Plaza Hotel group
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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