assessment 1 undertake project (1)




assessment 1 undertake project (1)

BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work

1.1 – Initiation and scope

Project brief

Project titleMax Lionel Realty Development Plan

Project purposeThe purpose of this project is mainly to achieve these 4 goals/ Objectives

  • inform agents of legal and ethical obligations (particularly with respect to WHS and anti-discrimination legislation) and any standards or codes of conduct followed by the organisation
  • promote high standards in professional conduct (see Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) Code of Conduct and relevant legislation)
  • inform clients, tenants and potential tenants of MLR’s commitments
  • achieve employee and client buy-in for initiative.
  • Background and strategic contextMax Lionel Realty was founded in 2008 by property developer Max Lionel. The company currently employs approximately 100 people, 80 of whom are licensed real estate agents.

    Through its client agents, the organisation manages property sales and rentals (both residential and commercial) on behalf of a range of clients. The organisation also separately engages in investment activities, such as property and land development.

    Max Lionel Realty has been a member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) since 2008 and proudly follows the REIV Code of Conduct.

    The company has not been performing well, or is having minor difficulties with dealing with the Human Resources. The Company employees or Agents are under a lot of stress and are also having compliance issues.

    The clients are very cynical and this will cause problems for the company. Clients should be communicated with effectively to make sure that they understand the situation they are in and what the Max Lionel Realty Company is doing for them. This builds the relationship between the clients and the company which allows the company to provide better service and satisfaction.

    PriorityThis is a vital project which should be implemented as soon as possible. The company is struggling to reach performance standards, and change is something that must be done if you want your organisation to develop. Although this may be risky, Max Lionel Realty must implement this project as soon as possible.

    Project client/ownerMax Lionel is the Owner of the company and will most likely benefit the most from this project. He is responsible for monitoring and managing the strategic directions, manage risk, and authorise large financial transactions.

    Project sponsorMax Lionel is the project sponsor

    Project managerA – I am the project manager

    Project statusThe project is being discuss at this moment and has not been confirmed. The project is however a necessary strategy which will help Max Lionel Realty improve its performance significantly. There are many factors to consider such as the strategies to use, when the plan should take place, the budget, time restraints.

    Special provisions

    Project approvals

    AMax Lionel


    assessment 1 undertake project (1)
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    Project ManagerProject Sponsor

    Max Lionel

    Project Client/OwnerOther

    Project scope documentThis template is a tool that can be used with key stakeholders to clearly define the logical boundaries of the project. Ensure that you note any requirements that are outof scope to achieve absolute clarity about what is and is not covered by this project, and to avoid the potential for problems later on.

    Stakeholder analysisUse this template to identify areas, groups or individuals who may participate in, or are affected by, the project. Include everyone who has a vested interest. A useful question to ask is: ‘What will make this project a success for you?’

    Communication plan

    Roles and responsibilitiesIt is important to identify who the major players are on the project. List the major project roles, responsibilities and the actual people involved. Add in any additional roles as required.

    Project snapshotThe project snapshot summarises the purpose, deliverables, stakeholders, resources, risks, interdependencies and success criteria of the project.

    1.2 – Planning

    Work breakdown structureA work breakdown structure (WBS) in project management is a tool used to define and group the project’s discrete work elements (or tasks) in a way that helps organise and define the total work scope of the project. The WBS is a dynamic tool and can be revised and updated as needed by the project manager.

    Project plan

    Project title:

    Max Lionel Realty Development and Improvement Project

    Project purpose

    From project proposal – update if required.

    Background and strategic context

    From project proposal – update if required.

    Other related projects

    From project proposal – update if required.

    Project objective

    From project proposal – update if required.

    Scope including key deliverables

    From project proposal – update if required.

    In scope.

    Out of scope.


  • Not issues
  • Enough money
  • No increase in price
  • Enough customers
  • Constraints

  • Money
  • Skills
  • Tools
  • These could include any restrictions to the start/finish date, time, deliverable or milestone dates, budget limitations, resourcing limits, vendor restraints, etc.


    Increase productivity:20% improvement


    assessment 1 undertake project (1)
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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