assessment 1 undertake project pan




assessment 1 undertake project pan

Part A: Define Project

1. Explain how you will identify and understand the scope of the project you have been assigned. What documentation do you think you will need to source?

Scope of the project

The company moves from one location to another with minimal disruption to

employees, suppliers and customers with a budget $120000


  • Scope and Objectives
  • Assignment of Roles and Responsibilities
  • Project Schedule
  • Requirements Specifications
  • Implementation
  • Resource required
  • 2. For each of the stakeholder groups in the following list, identify who within the organisation fits into these categories and why they are important in the context of the project.

    Project sponsor – Nick Mitchell

    Managers, employees and relevant key personnel


    assessment 1 undertake project pan
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    and relevant key personnel

  • Alexis Schuler, the production manager at Red, a magazine publishing company. The company has 36 permanent employees including production staff, editors and writers, marketing, sales, advertising and support staff. Red publishes 10 different magazines
  • Meg Natoli, company accountant: Meg has a team of three accountants staff reporting to her who also look after procurement.

    Byron Page, sales manager: Byron’s team includes three advertising sales staff, two marketing coordinators and three account managers. All contact with clients is managed via Byron’s team, which also handles any customer service related queries.

    Sandra Ngo, editorial manager: Sandra’s team of six includes three editors and two staff writers; Sandra and another of her team members also manage the company’s quality program, which is an internationally recognised quality accreditation; she also uses a large number of freelance writing staff.

    • Bob Breman, IT manager; Bob and his assistant manage the company’s IT needs.

    Stella Galanis, office manager: Stella is also Nick’s personal assistant and two staff report to her who share general office support and reception duties. Stella and her team look after any compliance-related issues, such as workplace safety procedures, and they also manage the content of the company’s intranet site.


    The new place need to be easy to access for the customer.

    Funding bodies

    An organization or department that provides funds for a particular purpose.

    3. Construct a contact table similar to the one that follows. Fill it out with as much details as possible, explaining who the various authorities are; why and when you should contact them and how to contact them.

    4. Reproduce the following table to help you identify whether you have the information you


    assessment 1 undertake project pan
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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