Assessment 2 BSBCUS501C Manage Quality Customer Service




Assessment 2 BSBCUS501C Manage Quality Customer Service

Assessment 2 BSBCUS501C Manage Quality Customer Service

Intro/ Purpose

This report is about identifying and understanding the needs of the customers. Understanding customers is the key to giving them good service. To give good customer care you must deliver what you promise. But great customer care involves getting to know your customers so well that you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.

Description of Product/ Service

The product or in this company the service, is a foot massage service, which is used to relieve a lot of stress in all areas of the body. Thai traditions say that all parts in the body can be relaxed in different ares of the feet. The massage is a hard and effective massage but will also feel very relaxing and help to make the customers feel calm. Often customers will fall asleep during the foot massage because the feet are connect to the brain, making the brain feel relaxed.

Methods of Researching and identifying customer characteristics and needs


Carrying out customer research as part of your marketing strategy provides a broad view of customer needs. Review published market research on the sectors that you target to identify trends or changes in purchasing patterns. Visit customers’ websites to assess their product and market strategies and identify opportunities to meet their current or future product needs.

Customer Feedback

A strategy that encourages customer feedback will provide you with insight into customers’ attitudes toward your products and services, helping you identify how well you are meeting their needs. Set up a forum or poll on your website or on a social media site where customers can post reviews or leave comments.

Customer Characteristics

The target market will consist of Medium to high ranged income workers who are either highly stressed from work or any customers who have been injured or have sore muscles and need therapy. Normally the people who can afford this luxury service are people with incomes about $100, 000 or more per year. The other people who will require this service for medical reasons will not require the high income as they will be recommended by doctors to attend physiotherapy. Therefore the target market is quite small but the customers will be paying quite a high price.


There are very different reasons for receiving a massage. Most of them are for people who need to relieve some stress, but others come to Thai massage shops for medical reasons such as pain relieving and physiotherapy. Therefore most of the customers are hard working business people with a lot of stress, and then there are the customers who do a lot of physical activities and need some pain relief.


Assessment 2 BSBCUS501C Manage Quality Customer Service
Last updated: Feb 2024

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omers are hard working business people with a lot of stress, and then there are the customers who do a lot of physical activities and need some pain relief.

For each purpose, there are many different techniques and styles of massage that will enhance the experience of every customers. The different styles of massage will also have different prices and the length of the massage will change. Whichever style that the customers choose, THONGKORN THAI MASSAGE & SPA PTY LTD will ensure that they receive a massage that is well worth the money that they spend.


The main objective of Thongkorn Thai MASSAGE & SPA is to revitalize and re-energize any customers who are feeling stressed or just need to relax. The Thai of massage is known to be slightly harder but concentrates on the high stress carrying areas. Thai massage needs to be stronger to be more effective and release all the stress in the tense areas.

Task 2

Have a clear procedure for handling customer complaints including negotiating face to face in a calm and professional manner. Your documented customer complaints procedure needs to be accessible, easy to understand and use by yourself and employees. You need to practice the procedure with your staff so they feel comfortable when applying it. Having well-trained staff can be the difference between inflaming or soothing a situation. Visit our Skills and training topic for more information on skilling up your staff.

Keep a record of all promises, agreements and undertakings you have with your customers. Clear, documented communication means you can refer back to it as a source of truth and avoid misunderstandings.

Ask the customer if they can provide documentary evidence to help you verify the facts. Make sure you the documented procedures in your business include the process for returning products. Your business will be bound by the Consumer Law, but it’s also important to develop your own internal procedures, to make returning goods more efficient. This could mean authorising more staff to approve returns, documenting returns in a designated place or educating staff on consumer rights. If your customers have a poor experience trying to return a product, or they are treated badly by your staff, they are unlikely to return, so it’s important to get it right.

Understand your legal obligations. Ensure that your business complies with the relevant laws and regulations with regards to products, pricing, refunds and warranties. Read our Fair Trading topic for more information.

Listen to your customers (put yourself in their shoes) and make a note of feedback received. Taking the time to follow up on all the feedback you receive is another great way to improve your customer service. Your customers will appreciate it if they can see you have acted on their feedback, or addressed it in some way.


Assessment 2 BSBCUS501C Manage Quality Customer Service
Last updated: Feb 2024

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