Assessment 2 – BSBHRM504A 01




Assessment 2 – BSBHRM504A 01

Assessment 2

Interview guide

  • Each member of the panel should make notes (on a separate sheet) and score each applicant. Scores should then be added up and used when making a decision.
  • The panel should also decide which questions will be asked by each member of the panel.
  • Scoring – applicant’s answers should be scored as follows:

    Weighting – questions can be weighted 1 (low importance) or 2 (high importance) to reflect their overall importance to the position.

    Questions and weighting

    Now give the applicant an opportunity to ask any questions that they might have and answer them.

    Ending the interview:

    Roles and Responsibilities of a trainer

  • Establish and define the structure of the learning context
  • Guide the learner
  • Provide knowledge to the learner
  • Observe and track learning progress
  • Provide constant feedback and constructive criticism that can help them improve faster.
  • Induction

    Everyone, such as the employees, clients and helpers must follow a set induction program that provides information and skills to perform the jobs well. They will also be required to attend a training program that informs them about all organisational policies and procedures.


  • Explanation of business operation
  • Explanation of goals and priorities of business
  • Organisation chart
  • ......

    Assessment 2 – BSBHRM504A 01
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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  • Organisation chart
  • Explanation of unit interaction with other units
  • Personal work area – Toilet, lockers and lunch room
  • Building opening and closing procedure
  • Location and operation procedure for equipment
  • Obtaining stationary – office supplies
  • Key register and security contact OH&S/Fire/Emergency and first aid
  • OH&S checklist
  • Location of first aid room/kit
  • Evacuation procedure
  • Cash handling and receipt security
  • Explanation on how to take leave, sick and holiday
  • Probation and review policies
  • Drug and alcohol policies
  • Birthday policies and celebrations
  • Absence policies
  • Telephone policies
  • What regular meeting they need to attend
  • Explanation how to access and import resources
  • Introduction to colleagues
  • To improve the areas that were not being followed, the areas must be focused in the training program. The training program can then focus on certain areas such as communication, skills, teamwork, leadership, customer service, etc.

    As part of the selection and hiring process, all classified employees are considered probationary employees for their first 180 days of employment. This 180-day timeframe allows you to assess whether probationary employees’ skills, performance, and dependability fit their position and merit continuation of employment.

    Each probationary employee will be monitored using KPIs and monitoring their performance to identify whether they are suitable for the trainer position or whether they are underqualified or overqualified for certain jobs. They should be reviewed every week to see whether they can improve quickly or not.


    Assessment 2 – BSBHRM504A 01
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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