Assessment 2 Business Requriement Specification




Assessment 2 Business Requriement Specification

Assessment 2 – Research & Assignment

Task 1: Client business domain

No the website has very little information about the Cola-Cola company’s core business.

There are mission statements

“Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

  • To refresh the world…
  • To inspire moments of optimism and happiness…
  • To create value and make a difference.”
  • Strategic goals

    The website does not have specific strategic goals but has values and visions of what the company wants to achieve.

  • Focus on needs of our consumers, customers and franchise partners
  • Get out into the market and listen, observe and learn
  • Possess a world view
  • Focus on execution in the marketplace every day
  • Be insatiably curious
  • Organisation Charts

    There is no organisation chart.

    Task 2: Organisational structure and business functions


    Although there were many changes to the organisation team, this does not change the structure of the organisation as there was no new position or adjustment to the structure. The people in each position however changed so there needs to be an update of the positions in organisation chart.


  • Warehousing and Drop Shipping
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Payment Gateway
  • Information Technology
  • All these needs to be adjusted and support the e-commerce business change.

    Task 3: Organisation chart

  • In which directorate would you find the Community Relations department?
  • Sustainable Development

  • Under which department does Regional Support Systems come?
  • Regional services

  • If you wanted to apply for a job with the EPA, to which department would you address your application?
  • Human Resources

  • If you had a complaint about excessive noise at a neighbouring business premise, to which department would you complain?
  • Atmosphere and Noise

    Task 4: Determine client requirements

  • An aspiring model wants to achieve a certain look for a photographic session for his portfolio. He seeks a beautician’s advice and expertise.
  • A young school leaver seeks the help of a college careers advisor. She is interested in a career in child care and would like to know what her options are.
  • A retired man is losing his hearing and needs help in finding out about the latest digital hearing aids.
  • A single mother with a newborn baby needs to find out what financial assistance she is entitled to.
  • A prospective home-owner asks a loans officer to help him choose the right finance for his home loan.
  • Task 5: Exploring document types for business and organisational guidelines


    Assessment 2 Business Requriement Specification
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    for business and organisational guidelines

     NSW Department of Commerce, Government Chief Information Office, which has guidelines which you will find under publications on the left menu of the home page at .

    Many of the documents you will have found give details for timings, costs, responsibilities and scopes. Many often refer to appendices, which allow details to be changed in supported equipment and software without the actual document needing to be revised.

    Task 6: Stakeholders analysis

    PersonType of Stakeholder

    Peter Smith (c) Supplier

    Keith Dickson (a) Staff

    Mrs. Mary O’Halloran (b) Client

    Brian Huang (a) Staff

    David Andrews (c) Supplier

    Pauline Santoro (a) Staff

    Task 7—Evaluate system development methodologies

    Centralized data processing System


    Following are the advantages of centralized data processing system:

  • The emergence of data takes place only at one place.
  • The loss of data is minimized.
  • The methods and machines can be standardized.
  • Services of more competent and technical personnel can be taken.
  • It is also very cost-effective particularly in the case of large operations.
  • Duplication of work can be avoided.
  • Disadvantages

    The disadvantages of the centralized data processing are:

  • Lack of cooperation from managers, who do not like to be under control of centralized Data Processing department.
  • Resistance from managers for mechanization of the data processing activities relating to their various functions.
  • It is difficult to provide equitable services to various departments.
  • The data security is also questioned.
  • Decentralized Data Processing System

    In the decentralized data processing system, there is really a divisional breakdown of computing services. Each division, unit or department handles its own computer needs and does not like to interact with any other division, unit or department. It is well suited to a decentralized management scheme in which organizational autonomy is important. For example, research divisions of a large organization may adopt the decentralized data processing approach to provide data security of their work.


    Arguments in support of decentralized data processing include the following: * Familiarity with local problems.

  • Rapid response to local processing needs.
  • Profit-and-loss responsibility can be easily fixed.
  • Disadvantages

    The drawbacks of the decentralized data processing system are:

  • There is duplication of activities and redundancy in…
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    Assessment 2 Business Requriement Specification
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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