Assessment 2 HR 1




Assessment 2 HR 1

Assessment 2 – Written and Oral Questions 1


The things that should be included in an employment contract are:

  • Name of employer and employee
  • Start date
  • Job title and description
  • Salary and conditions
  • Holidays/ sick leave
  • Probation Period
  • 2.

    Generally, the best way to communicate to staff about a new employee’s start date, appointments, administrative arrangements for pay, etc. is by having a team meeting. team meetings allow people to discuss any relevant topics and announce certain information to a large number of people. This is effective because they are generally putting their focus into the meeting.


    The best way to assist employees to fit in with the new organisation is to firstly involve the employee into the work straight away. Tell him his roles and responsibilities and make him feel like part of a work team straight away. Next is to introduce him to the team members and get him familiar with each team member.

    He should also be included in all the team meetings and his input should also be considered as he is a new part of the team. Make sure that other workers are also trying to make him fit in by communicating with him and getting to know him.


  • Terms and conditions
  • Health and safety legislations
  • Information about the company
  • Information about the position
  • Salary information
  • Procedures and handbooks
  • Uniform standards
  • 5.

    The employer should be the one who should deliver the induction plan. This is because the employer already knows information about the worker. The worker also feels familiar with the employer already.


    The benefit of the buddy system is to help the worker feel comfortable in the workplace straight away. The buddy will help the worker feel familiar with the job. Any tips and tricks can help the worker, and the buddy can also help introduce the new worker to other workers.


    This is because a lot of organisational strategies and goals and plans will be impacted by the recruitment strategies. The organisation must make sure that the recruitment strategies are going to have a positive impact on the organisations strategies and goals, by making sure that the workers are competent and reliable.

    With too many workers, the organisation may not have enough money to implement strategies efficiently. With too little workers, the organisation may not be able to implement organisational strategies and reach organisational goals.


    Recruitment is the process of hiring the new workers into the organisation. The recruitment process involves many steps such as:

  • Identify position
  • Advertise position
  • Process and review applicants
  • Interviews
  • ......

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  • Feedback and offer
  • Commencement of employment
  • Retention of staff
  • These are the 7 general steps to any recruitment process and help to identify the most suitable employees.


    Without fully understanding what discrimination is, it is difficult to understand what the discrimination policy is trying to achieve. In 2009, the Fair Work Act was created which stopped the act of people treating others wrongly due to the following things:

  • age
  • pregnancy
  • family or carer’s responsibilities
  • national extraction
  • physical or mental disability
  • political opinion
  • gender
  • religion
  • sexual preference
  • race
  • Social origin.
  • colour
  • marital status
  • This list is the list of things that people are not allowed to discriminate people against.

    To reduce the amount of discrimination, the organisation must try to develop anti-discrimination policies and procedures.


    I will give the job to the most qualified and suitable person. Giving the job to the managers friend is discrimination because he is getting treated differently because of his relationship with the manager and not for his skills and competencies.


    Ongoing training is important because it helps improve the employees skills constantly. Employees will most likely not have every skill perfected and therefore, can always benefit from training.

    On-going training is also good to keep the performance to employees consistent. Consistency is important in business and workers sometimes focus less on one area when they are learning new things. on-going training makes sure that they still have all their previous skills and knowledge maintained.


  • Personality Tests
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Ability Tests
  • Police Checks
  • Stress Handling Tests
  • 13.

    Professional networks such as recruiting agencies can be very effective ways of hiring staff. These recruitment agencies are trained and qualified to find suitable workers that are both experienced and capable workers.

    They use their large database of unemployment job-seekers to find the most suitable workers for an organisation.


    In a job interview there are many strategies and techniques that are used to get the best candidate. Some of these techniques are:

  • Ask open ended questions
  • Researching the candidate before they arrive
  • Act confident and speak clearly
  • ...

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