Assessment 2 – improvement plan




Assessment 2 – improvement plan

Assessment 2 – Improvement Plan

Define Scope

Improve customer service in the restaurant.

Identify Qualitative issues

Many customers are complaining to the managers about the customer service that was given by the waitress

Develop Operational plan

Who: The manager will train the waitresses about customer service.

What: the customer service skills of the waitresses are bad and should be improved for better sales and customer loyalty.

When: the improvement must be done within 12 months.

How Much: the customer service measures must be improved by 15%

Project Outline

Organise Team

Project members: Waitresses these are the people that have the most customer service issues.

Other Stakeholders: Staff, customers

Project Sponsor: Manager

Meeting 1

Problem Definition Statement

Methods of measuring:

  • Check sheets
  • Customer service surveys
  • Customer feedback
  • Employee surveys
  • ......

    Assessment 2 – improvement plan
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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    Collect Data

  • 10% of customers are complaining about the customer service
  • This number has increased from 5% to 10% in 1 month
  • Most complaints occur during weekends
  • Analyse Data

    The customer service staff have not been performing as usual. This may be because of a new group of employees. or the employees do not have enough training.

    Meeting 2

    Decision matrix

    Strategy Document

    Current State – poor customer service

    Goal – improve customer service by at least 15%

    Future State – good customer service

    Stakeholders – Customers, competitors, employees, managers

    KPIs – customer feedback, number of sales, customer loyalty

    Costs and benefits – training costs, improved customer service

    Meeting 3

    Action Plan


    Assessment 2 – improvement plan
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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