Assessment 2 manage project




Assessment 2 manage project

Assessment 2

Project Title: Birthday Party

Project Purpose:

To give the Birthday celebrant a “Birthday Party” who have been away for almost 5 years in the U.S to continue his Doctorate degree in Business management.

Background and strategic context:

C. Parents want to make surprising Birthday party for their son who has not gone back home for 5 years because he was studying in another country.

Other related projects:

  • Cocktail courses
  • Entertainment activities.
  • Project objective:

  • A surprise one “Birthday Party” without the celebrant knowledge.
  • Number of expected guests 30 people.
  • To act/mean of getting together between Birthday celebrant and friends.
  • Achieve this project in 16 week.
  • Project client:

  • C. Parents
  • Family and friends
  • Project approvals

    Project scope document

    Stakeholder analysis

    Roles and responsibilities

    Project snapshot

    Activity chart

    Activity schedule


    Risk register


    Assessment 2 manage project
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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    Risk form

    Risk form

    Risk form

    Risk form

    Risk form

    Communication plan

    Resource and cost plan

    Change request

    Issues log

    Status update

    Hand over report

    Issues summary

    Post Project review meeting-agenda

    Post project review report

    Project completion report

    Lesson learned:

    Must regularly communicate to one another and ask for help if you need to.


    Assessment 2 manage project
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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