Assessment 2 part a whs




Assessment 2 part a whs

Assessment 2

Part A


Business Planning

The planning of the business is important. My business plan is to grow a cafe that is famous for its high quality coffee and grow to an international brand name.

Registering a Business Name

A business name is a name that will give you the legal ownership of the company. The brand name cannot be the same as another company.

Register License

Registering a license is another very important thing to do to be able to legal sell products. A retailing license is required to retail products such as food to customers. These licenses must be obtained by the government officials and will be able to cancel the license if they feel that the products have lost standard.

Accounts and Finance

The ATO is the main organisation responsible for authorising and monitoring company compliance relating to accounts and finance. They are strict that companies follow all rules and regulations set by the ATO and ensure that the rules are followed. There are taxes and fees that are specific to certain companies and therefore must ensure that each company are complying with their own specific taxes and fees.


The functions:

  • OHS Legislations
  • Recording any Hazards or Compliances
  • Registering the Company as a government qualified company
  • Ensuring the quality of service is high
  • Watching the water levels and water usages
  • The accountabilities of these:

  • OHS Legislations
  • Unsuitable working environment
  • Making sure that the equipment is of suitable quality and serviced enough
  • Recording any Hazards or Compliances
  • Unrecorded incidents or accidents
  • Unrecorded Compliances
  • Database is not managed well
  • Registering the Company as a government qualified company
  • The name is not registered
  • The company is not registered
  • Ensuring the quality of service is high
  • Increasing the quality of the business.
  • Making sure the quality is not dropping.
  • Responsibilities

  • OHS Legislations
  • The committee that takes care of WHS
  • Recording any Hazards or Compliances
  • The manager in charge of Records
  • Registering the Company as a government qualified company
  • The owner or owners must do this
  • Ensuring the quality of service is high
  • ......

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  • All staff responsible for the production of the product or service.
  • 3.

    MYOB – Mind your own business, it is a records management software that many companies use to take care of their own organizational documents and finances.

    Microsoft – Microsoft has many different applications such as Microsoft word, power point, access, excel and many others that are used to make information management much more simple and easy to manage.


    Records management is the process of maintaining and managing the documents and records that have come from the organisations procedures. This includes storing and sorting out the data into their categories. This also includes destroying any records that do not need to be kept anymore. All records should be kept lawfully and if anything happens to the records it should be consulted to the Manager in-charge of the records.



  • No one can discriminate against someone
  • An employer cannot make decision only because of the gender, age, race or any other characteristic that separates people.
  • Discrimination can cause people to lose jobs or receive large fines.
  • Privacy Laws

  • Information is important and must be made private if possible.
  • All customers must be given privacy to their own information.
  • Employers should also be given privacy to their own information.
  • All company information should be kept private.
  • Competitive trading

  • Competition must be truthful.
  • Customers can not be told anything misleading.
  • Companies cannot mislead any other company to get an advantage.
  • 6.

    The ways of managing breaches is to firstly have a safety backup system, incase all data get corrupt or they delete some data. This will ensure that if they manage to infiltrate the security, the data can still be retrieved and no important data is lost.

    Another way to prevent breaches is a firewall or security system that will help identify all users and block out any unknown users.


    The compliance reporting procedure that I have chosen has 4 simple steps:

    1. Set up a meeting with the company and the audits. The auditors will take care of checking the compliance of the company

    2. Review the department as a whole. Reviewing the work environment, is very important. If the work environment is bad, it does not matter how well the employees can comply. Department review will consist on OHS checks for every area, all registrations and licensing.

    3. Employee review, which is the analyse of the workers. Employees are interviewed and asked a series of questions. These questions are directed at the compliances of the organisation and how the company treats the employees.

    4. Use the findings to get a basic idea of how the company is run. It will give the amount of compliance of the company and how well the company is managed.


    This training program will be able to help all…


    Assessment 2 part a whs
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