assessment 2 Part A




assessment 2 Part A

Task 1

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

1.Physiological needs : the basic of needs

Physiological needs are the needs of life; water, food, oxygen, sleep, sex etc. the need is about surviving human‘s lives , the satisfaction that the human gets. It can motivate you to get higher level of needs. If someone fail in this need, they won‘t get the motivation to want the higher level of needs and they will still want these needs until they can get it.

For example

Poor people they don’t have money to buy good food so they really need good food and they will try to get money for buying foods.

Some thieves can steal foods for surviving their lives.

2. Safety needs:

The safety needs is a need that is higher than Physiological needs such as a stable job to secure the income of a person. The human want to get the protection and they want to the safety from various dangerous. Most of this comes from a good job with an income to pay for food, a house and for their other personal needs.

3.Social needs

The human need love and the belongingness needs (give and get) .To be in part of the group and want to be accepted from groups. Not belonging in any social group can make humans feel suicidal and not want to belong to this world. Most suicides come from people who have been rejected repeatedly from groups such as a job, friends, family or schooling. The idea of being in a sexual relationship is one that can make a person do things that they would not normally do. This idea is a reason why people desire to still live and be successful in the world.

4.Esteem needs

The humans want the self- esteem, recognition and the status from society and the afford to have relationship with other people such as they want to get respect from other people , success, education, ability, high status in society and be well-known. If a person is doing a bad job or did not come first in a competition or race, it is a smart thing for a company to still give this person recognition for his efforts.

5. Self-Actualization needs

Self-actualization needs is the highest needs individual so if the person can success this level , they will get the esteem or praise from the social and they will know themselves actually, they will achieve Self-Actualization needs.

Target segment

  • The Chinese parents or mother who has the busy lifestyle
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    assessment 2 Part A
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    The Chinese parents or mother who has the busy lifestyle

  • The middle class to high class family
  • They work outside and work full time
  • They didn’t have enough time
  • Based on target segment , so they can accept the good quality product and buy for their baby .The product should be specific the factor that need to address.

    The product is addressing in:

  • Physiological needs : because they want the food to feed babies and kids and it is the most important for the babies , how can the babies grow up without food,this is the main needs that the product can access to .
  • safety needs : the parent they want to buy the product has a good quality , it need to be safety for the babies and kid so the chinese parents trust in a international brand is better than local brand and the products is safe from dangerous chemicals.
  • Esteem needs : the international brand have to get respect and the acceptance from other peoples and society so the product have to meet the standard of products and some organization that protect people guarantee the products and the people will trust and buy the products.
  • Self-actualization : we need to get and meet the real customer ‘s need and make them satisfy the product as well as they expect
  • .

    Task 2

    What are different methods which you will use to appeal to your target audience to buy your product?

  • Research everything that the company needs to know
  • what customer wants and if they will accept it
  • what is the segment of customer
  • type of product that the segment of customer like to buy
  • what is the strength or weakness of the products
  • what is the marketing positioning of the product
  • what is the advantage over competitors
  • who are competitors
  • Our company will have testers for customer before they purchase the product. Our company is sure the customer will like the product so these tester will let the customer trust product and the product will be promoted by brochures, radio, TV and newspaper. Use media such as newspapers, TV, internet and others because modern parents use those media for new information.
  • There will be posters printed and placed around the area to make sure people know about this new product. The website is will be very interactive and easy for people to see what the product is about.
  • Task 3

    What are legal and ethical requirements which you will have to comply with?

    One child policy


    assessment 2 Part A
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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