Assessment 2 reflection template




Assessment 2 reflection template

Reflection report

Performance review


Describe how you see yourself in terms of personal efficacy.

Give at least two examples where you have been effective in producing positive change in others

I have a great ability to usually meet my expectations and perform tasks to a satisfactory standard. I work effectively and I always try my best when I am working. This makes me a very good leader because I also motivate others to work hard and reach our goals and targets.

I like to encourage others to work just as hard as me and get results that are satisfactory.

One of my colleagues likes to procrastinate and finish tasks at the last minute. I was able to convince her that she will feel much better when she completes tasks early and then has time to relax and do more enjoyable tasks.

Another example is when one of my colleagues didn’t like to organise his tasks. He was very unorganised and it made him make many mistakes. I helped him to get a good planner and organise his schedule better. He is very happy and always notes down new tasks in his planner which helps him a lot.


Describe your interpersonal competence.

Give at least two examples where you have demonstrated competence in helping others

Competence in this domain includes the ability to foster and maintain healthy, mutually beneficial relationships with others, and the capacity for interdependence and collaboration.

I like to help others a lot. I work with a lot of different people who come to me for consultation and ask me for help.

I am a good listener and also like to give advice to others.


Describe your ability to identify with and understand another people‘s situation or feelings.

Give at least one example of how you have demonstrated empathy in the following:

  • personal communication: I like to consult others and also provide personal advice
  • relationships: I like to grow strong relationships that are both professional and also personal
  • day to day leadership role: I am a good role model and like to show this daily.
  • Diversity

    Evaluate your ability to build confidence and respect with diverse groups of individuals.


    Assessment 2 reflection template
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    with diverse groups of individuals.

    I am very good at building confidence and respect towards others around me.

    Comment on your ability to lead in a manner that is inclusive and respectful of the differences between people.

    I am a good leader and like to lead by example. I also believe that I am a good role model for others.

    Describe the last time you had respectful interactions with people from diverse backgrounds

    I have good respectful interactions with people of different backgrounds every day. In my restaurant, there are so many different customers coming in and I treat all of them with respect. A lot of my loyal customers are from different backgrounds.

    Organisational culture

    Evaluate your personal experiences in building effective organisational and workplace culture.

    Give at least two examples where you have been an integral part of improving the organisational culture of a place where you worked.

    My restaurant has changed to become more hardworking and treat customers better by greeting guests welcomely and also smiling to guests. Before, the owners would not respond to customers coming in and wouldn’t make relationships with the customers.

    Another way is that I like to talk to a lot of the staff members and have meals together. This builds the relationship between the workers.

    Evaluate your current and past work-based relationships.

    Give at least two examples where you have managed work-based relationships effectively

    My past and current work-base relationships have all been very good. I believe that I work hard and effectively so others around me enjoy working with me. My boss enjoys working with my because I get good results and work hard. My colleagues also like to work with my because I am effective and like tp

    help them as well.

    Give at least two examples where you have cultivated collaborative and participative work relationships

    I like to help others so this builds strong relationships with colleagues.

    I like to give feedback and my opinions to my boss which he appreciates.

    Role modelling

    Describe at least two occasions when you acted as a role model for others.

    As a manager in my restaurant I need to show all staff members how to act and how to treat customers

    I also need to show people how to treat others and manage the restaurant properly.

    Give at least two examples where you have modelled and encouraged collaborative communication and learning in your place of work

    I created a policy for team work and communication

    I also helped to build creative atmosphere

    Do you think you are a good role model?

    I believe that I am a great role model to others.


    Assessment 2 reflection template
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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