Assessment 2 – WHS Australian Hardware




Assessment 2 – WHS Australian Hardware

Assessment 2

Undertake Consultation and Manage WHS Risk

Policy and procedures

Organisational Approach to WHS

The organisation’s approach to WHS is very strict and is taken very seriously. All employees must follow the set of WHS policies and procedures set by the government and organisation.

Relevant legislations:

  • Duty of care
  • OHS
  • Risk management
  • Fair trading
  • Identify risks – This is the first step to controlling risks
  • Implement risk strategies- This will reduce or remove the risk from the workplace
  • Controlling risks – Making sure that they are not increased or serious
  • Record Keeping policy and procedure

    Records management is defined as, “ the field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records, including the processes for capturing and maintaining evidence of and information about business activities and transactions in the form of records”

    The relevant standard sets out the general high level framework for the process of recordkeeping as well as providing practical recommendations and detailed guidance on the implementation of the framework. Based on this framework, either alternative must have extensive knowledge and understanding of the standards in order to ensure compliance.

    Information about current controls

    The company will lose a lot of reputation from the customers and stakeholders. The employees will be in a more dangerous and unstable work environment. The team will also not be working effectively together as the organisational policies and procedures are there to maximise efficiency.

    Role Play

    Implement appropriate measures

    Communication and Consultation

    There will be a large meeting with all the employees involved in this change management plan. This meeting will be formal and structured in a way that it communicates the organisation’s Work health and Safety policies clearly to the employees of the organisation. I will also email the policies and procedures to the whole organisation to make it clear for every employee to know how to effectively comply with the policies and procedures.


    Assessment 2 – WHS Australian Hardware
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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    For identifying hazards, the employees, customers and visitors are the one that have the responsibility to identify the risks and hazards. The staff and manager has the responsibility of identifying the possible solutions and analysing the effectiveness and efficiency of the hazards. In regards to monitoring and reporting the hazards, everyone has the responsibility of monitoring and reporting hazards to the management team, however it is the management who has the role of making sure the hazards are resolved and reduced.

    When a hazard is identified it is my duty by law of the duty of care, to ensure that the workplace and environment is safe and secure. Duty of care is the legal responsibility to take care of workers. Employers and management have to plan for the safety of their employees and create a safe work space. This also means all people in the workplace including visitors and contractors have to be kept in a safe environment. If a person is harmed under supervision of the employer/ management is liable.

    The evaluation of the risks are quite simple. There is 3 ways that the evaluation can result:

    If the Monitored risk stops

    If the risk that is monitored has stopped, this means that the control is successful and that the risk does not need to be checked so often anymore. If the risk occurs again, the same solution can be used as the store knows that it was successful

    If the monitored risk reduces

    If the occurrence of the risk has reduced, this means that the control has worked but not completely. The risk still occurs but it is not a lot. This means that the control must be modified to completely stop the risk from occurring.

    If the monitored risk is still occurring or is occurring more frequently

    If the monitored risk is occurring at the same or more regularly, then the control was unsuccessful and a new control must be used. It is important that the controls are assessed and only the best control identified is used. Some controls will make the risk even worse or cause more risks. These must not be used if possible.

    The store emergency policy is conducted every 3 months where the employees go through an emergency scenario where they must act fast and effectively in order to reduce the chances of injuries or fatal effects.

    I will consult with the Human Resource manager because their job is related to each other, updating information, making a decision and discuss on how they are going to develop the strategy in the future. They will consult with each other by conduct the informal meeting or formal meeting like board meeting.

    Record all information that is necessary and important. Reporting incidents and injuries is necessary in any situation. It is a legal requirement and must be followed. The procedure to report these incidents and injuries is in a log book as well. The incidents are written down with a short detail and the time and date next to it. The controls and methods used to handle the incident is also record for future use. There must be the statement from the victim of the incident and other health documents.


    Assessment 2 – WHS Australian Hardware
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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