Assessment 3 INNOVA8




Assessment 3 INNOVA8

Assessment 3


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Participation in Project

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Specification for the Written Document

  • How my ideas were informed by research
  • The research was very inspirational to my ideas and creativity. Firstly, it helped me by providing me with examples of previous research work and ideas that other people have gotten. These previous ideas and research work helped me to come up with my own ideas that are relevant to my research needs and scenario. I used their ideas and recommendations to discard any ideas that are not feasible or have already been proven to not be successful. I can then identify which ideas have the most potential and select the ones that I want to focus on.

    Another way that my ideas were informed by the research is that the research was a good way to make sure that my arguments and reasoning had proof and evidence. Research helped me to make sure that my ideas had proof of effectiveness and that there was enough backing to continue with the ideas. with the research supporting my ideas, I was able to have give more reasons why the ideas should be implemented and how the ideas created more opportunities. If the research provided evidence that the ideas were not effective, or that there were cases of the ideas not working, it would help a lot to discard the ideas faster and learn from other peoples research and attempts.

    Lastly, the research helped because it provided clear results of other peoples research, and learning from peoples mistakes can save a lot of time and effort. The research is able to provide the best strategies and ideas that others have already spend a lot of time testing and researching. It is a great way to save time and also makes the ideas more feasible and reliable. (Bereiter, 2002)

  • Snapshots
  • How the trends informed my outcomes related to innovation
  • A trend is an assumed development in the future that will have a long-term and lasting effect on and change something. Current developments are moving in a different direction or intensifying even more. Trends in an industry usually have far-reaching effects. Trends, for example, are causing changes in the retail, catering, tourism, leisure and agricultural sectors.


    Assessment 3 INNOVA8
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    ing changes in the retail, catering, tourism, leisure and agricultural sectors.

    Megatrends: There are many public publications about megatrends. Megatrends are long-term developments over several decades that have a formative effect on all areas of society and the economy worldwide.

    Setting: Changes in the business environment also have an indirect and immediate impact on one’s own organization. The analysis of the environment includes customers, users, customers, customers’ customers, suppliers, administration, neighboring companies and industries (e. g. upstream and downstream) etc.

    The knowledge of trends and possible future developments flows into strategic innovation management, where future search fields are derived, which in turn can be found in the roadmap, according to (Chakrabarti, 1988).But it is not only the innovation strategy that is built on this; the future information is also relevant for the development of the corporate strategy itself.And last but not least, trend information is important for all corporate decisions, not only for innovation. Because all decisions always have to do with the future. It is therefore also important to spread this information very widely throughout the company and to initiate a discussion about it. In this way, the employees deal with the trends, which initiates a creative process that delivers ideas suitable for the future.

  • How to develop capacity to lead the group
  • Practice discipline

    A good leader needs discipline. Developing discipline in your professional (and personal) life is a must in order to be an effective leader, and to inspire others to be disciplined as well. People will judge your capacity to lead by the amount of discipline you display at work according to (Bossink, 2007).

    Learn to follow

    A true leader has no problem yielding control to another person when appropriate. You should not feel threatened when someone disagrees with you, questions your thinking, or puts forth ideas of their own. Keep an open mind and give merit where merit is due.

    Inspire others

    Being a leader means you are part of a team, and as a leader you should be able to motivate and inspire those you work with to collaborate as best they can. When a team member needs encouragement or guidance, offer it. Sometimes, all a person needs is someone to listen and be sympathetic. 

    Keep learning

    The best path to becoming a good leader is to always keep learning new things. It keeps your mind sharp, and your skills fresh. It primes you for new challenges that may come your way, which is always a good thing in a leader.

    Empower your teammates

    No one is the best at everything, and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can learn to be a good leader. Delegating tasks to others not only frees you up for things you do well, it also empowers other people on your team. 

  • Innovation made to the last phase 200 words
  • The last phase is about bringing the product to the potential customers. On the one hand, this requires the physical availability of the product. These include procurement, production and logistics based on defined concepts according to (Frankenberger et al., 2013)

    On the other hand, the customer is aroused and then fulfilled. All marketing and sales channels are activated. As a basis,…


    Assessment 3 INNOVA8
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