Assessment 3 Internal Pages – Max Lionel




Assessment 3 Internal Pages – Max Lionel

The little company with the big roar!

Quarterly Residential Sales Report

October-December 2010

Max Lionel Realty

Suite 2, 196 Randall St

Preston VIC 3072

Phone: (03) 6954 3000

Fax: (03) 6954 3001




Background and strategic context

Max Lionel Realty was founded in 2008 by property developer Max Lionel. The company currently employs approximately 100 people, 80 of whom are licensed real estate agents.

Through its client agents, the organisation manages property sales and rentals (both residential and commercial) on behalf of a range of clients. The organisation also separately engages in investment activities, such as property and land development.

Max Lionel Realty has been a member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) since 2008 and proudly follows the REIV Code of Conduct.

The company has not been performing well, or is having minor difficulties with dealing with the Human Resources. The Company employees or Agents are under a lot of stress and are also having compliance issues.

The clients are very cynical and this will cause problems for the company. Clients should be communicated with effectively to make sure that they understand the situation they are in and what the Max Lionel Realty Company is doing for them. This builds the relationship between the clients and the company which allows the company to provide better service and satisfaction.


This is a vital project which should be implemented as soon as possible. The company is struggling to reach performance standards, and change is something that must be done if you want your organisation to develop. Although this may be risky, Max L...

Assessment 3 Internal Pages – Max Lionel
Last updated: Feb 2022

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ionel Realty must implement this project as soon as possible.

As we approach winter, the property market is showing no signs of slowing down. Before the Easter break, auction results were exceptionally buoyant with success rates for Max Lionel Realty averaging 80 per cent.

Traditionally the market begins to wind down after Easter.

This year however we have seen record levels of auction activity in May.

Even in the weekend after the Federal Budget was announced, Max Lionel Realty sold 56 from 59 properties that were auctioned.

Demand is predominantly for quality family homes in preferred locations.

With a shortage of 3-5 bedroom properties in leafy areas near schools, parks and transport, many buyers are making strong offers prior to auction to secure the property of their choice.

In the Boroondara area in particular we are experiencing strong numbers at opens for inspection and bidding at auctions.

On average 3 bidders are competing for every property sold at auction with many homes attracting bidding from 5 or more potential buyers.

Melbourne’s population is growing at a rate of 90,000 per year with 24 per cent of net overseas migration making its way to Melbourne.

This will only increase pressure on the family home market.

So with interest rates unlikely to rise within 12 months and demand for family friendly housing on the increase, this winter and spring will be an ideal time to consider selling.

Highest Price for Quarter


Median Sales Price


Minimum Price for Quarter



Assessment 3 Internal Pages – Max Lionel
Last updated: Feb 2022

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