Task 1Obtain knowledge of the client business domain

  • You would find the community relations departed in the strategic Relations directorate – it would be under the community and environment partners
  • When applying a job at EPA, you should address the Strategic relations department, specifically the people and culture.
  • I believe that for complaints of excessive noise, the depart that should be complained to is the environmental regulation department, which allocates teams that controls the specific areas.
  • Task 2Identify stakeholders

    Task 3 Evaluate system development methodologies

    System Development Life-Cycle

    System development life-cycle is the most commonly used system development methodologies. This is because it has a lot more strengths than weaknesses. Control is one of the SDLC’s more significant strength. It allows the company to really control the situation and develop the system effectively. SDLC is also extremely effective for monitoring large projects.

    System Development life cycle is also very easy to use and maintain. It is one of the most simplest, yet effective methodologies and therefore, that is why more than 70% of all business prefer this over any other methodology.

    There are however many weaknesses to System development life-cycle, which other methodologies perform better in. the first being the development time. System development Life-cycle required increased development time compared to other methodologies. There is also a significant amount of increased development costs compared to others.

    There is not a lot of flexibility compared to other system development methodologies, which means that it is not suitable for the more advanced business which require flexible and elastic methodologies.

    Prototyping/Iterative Approach

    When properly applied, iterative design will ensure a product or process is the best solution possible. When applied early in the development stage, significant cost savings are possible.

    Other benefits to iterative design include:

  • Serious misunderstandings are made evident early in the lifecycle, when it’s possible to react to them.
  • It enables and encourages user feedback, so as to elicit the system’s real requirements.
  • The development team is forced to focus on those issues that are most critical to the project, and team members are shielded from those issues that distract them from the project’s real risks.
  • Continuous, iterative testing enables an objective assessment of the project’s status.
  • Inconsistencies among requirements, designs, and implementations are detected early.
  • The workload of the team, especially the testing team, is spread out more evenly throughout the lifecycle.
  • This approach enables the team to leverage lessons learned, and therefore to continuously improve the process.
  • Stakeholders in the project can be given concrete evidence of the project’s status throughout the lifecycle.
  • Some disadvantages involve:

  • Quite time consuming
  • There is a limit to how many times a prototype should be created
  • The problems are not fully identifiable as the prototype is not fully operational yet.
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    Task 4 Work breakdown structure

    Task 5 Controls

  • Risk assessment
  • Identify the system requirements
  • Documentation and records
  • Identify and agreeing on standards
  • Analyse ad review training needs.
  • Task 6 Factors that impact on time estimates

    The factors that could affect time estimates include:

  • Errors or mistakes
  • Technical failures
  • Financial miscalculations
  • Lack of professional assistance
  • Phone and electricity company
  • Task 7 Determining the positions required

    Task 8 Gantt chart

    Task 9 Quality

  • Team members
  • Suppliers
  • Expertise
  • Hired services
  • Internet providers
  • Task 10 Change negotiation

    One person, Bob Jenkinson is very strongly suggesting that the organisation invests in a reply system to customers that have become inactive. This will save a lot of money because the company loses $850,000 from open cases.

    The other person, Peta Young, believes that the cost for the investment is just too high and the change will not be effective. there is too much time and finances that will be wasted.

    Task 11 Variance reporting

    Task 12 Project close out

    To close a project, you must first monitor and ensure that the project is complete. This means that all objectives and tasks are completed and that the final goal…


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