Assessment A 1




Assessment A 1


Assessment A: PROJECT


This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to develop an advertising campaign.

Learning outcomes

You will be required to demonstrate your knowledge of:

Define campaign objectives

Prepare an advertising budget

Develop a schedule for proposed advertising activities

Assessment Results

There will be two outcomes: Competent (C) and Not Yet Competent (NYC)

Students who fail to achieve competence will be allowed to be re-assessed up to two more times until competence is achieved.

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You must attach your final product to this assessment and hand it in on the date set by the college.

This assignment must be typed using word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word)


Your project must cover all the elements as addressed in your class activities

portfolio, and in brief should cover:

  • Defining the Campaign Objectives
  • The campaign objectives are to:

  • To create awareness, customer interest or desire in a brand or product
  • To raise sales
  • To maintain or build brand loyalty
  • To assist in the launch of a new product
  • To change customer attitudes
  • ......

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  • To change customer attitudes
  • To build the company or brand image
  • To reduce the effect of competition
  • The strategic objectives are to:

  • Bounce Fitness will focus on growing their reputation for quality service and improving whole ‘Fitness experience’ for the customer
  • Bounce Fitness will have demonstrated recognition as the specialist in the fitness for older people
  • Bounce Fitness will implement design strategies to ensure consistency of experience across the business
  • Bounce Fitness will introduce a segmented approach to marketing to appeal to higher income and medium income markets with the main focus on the higher income.
  • Bounce Fitness will develop and implement a direct marketing plan to update their marketing approach.
  • Strengthen the regular customer base by developing customer retention and loyalty strategies.
  • Be recognised as an employer of choice with the capacity to attract and retain the highest quality staff in the industry.
  • Event

    We are holding an entertainment event for many people to attend. This will be in the exhibition room. People will be able to watch the live entertainment while experiencing the complementary foods and services of the business. There will also be discounts for the memberships and trials of the service


    We will contact agencies to promote or add our business in their promotion. We will holding a event exhibition too, so people can see and experience the services of the fitness shop.

    Target marketing

    The international hotel group should use the marketing segmentation strategy to focus and target the markets that will have more potential to buy the product. This type of strategy helps businesses to separate the market into different segments which make the company find out which segments to target.

    Each market in each segment will respond differently with the promotions and marketing of the international hotel group. Therefore it is important to reach the customer that would react the best.

  • Preparing the Advertising Budget
  • Physical resources are the resources that are made by man through his abilities and skill. The buildings, technology, and many more products that are made by man is an example of physical resources. This resource helps organisational daily activities become easy.

    The different types of physical assets are:

  • Cash – cash and other financial items are also considered physical assets because cash is tangible.
  • Equipment – any equipment that can be sold for cash are considered physical assets. Equipment such as computers, printers, telephone systems and other industry specific equipment are physical assets.
  • Staff training and development courses – to improve the Human resources and prepare them for high quality customer service.
  • Inventory – stock and supplies are the main inventories that these businesses have.
  • Properties – any properties such as retail locations or manufacturing plants are considering physical assets.
  • Customer Feedback

    A great way to get customer feedback is to give a questionnaire to the customers or the survey. Questions are things like:


    Assessment A 1
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