Assessment Task 1

  • A profile of the product or service market segment
  • description of the product or service
  • Peppermint Field is known by most people in Thailand. It is used to cure sicknesses such as headaches, migraines, and just for relaxing. If you feel tired or want to be fresh, you can use this to help you.

    The product I have chosen is the Peppermint Field Aromatics. This is a strong smelling aromatic product that helps people feel better from headaches, stress and other common sicknesses.

  • analysis of trends and past performance to investigate consumer need
  • Market opportunities are very broad.
  • Can be used by all ages.
  • Good for students.
  • Good for workers.
  • Aimed towards women aged 18-35
  • description of current market, including size in dollars and/or volume units
  • Population of Australia 22 million therefore the number of customers would be around 5 million.

    Numbers of items bought by customers in 1 year = 6

    60% of the market share. Over 1000000 sales

  • reference to organisational marketing plan requirements
  • The strategic objectives of this market entry would be to increase the total number of sales for the product and improve the customer awareness of the product in the world. There are many competitors to the Peppermint Field Aromatic, and therefore the brand must make sure that the company knows about Peppermint Fields and acknowledges its benefits.

    The main Marketing Objectives for this research task is to find out the best ways to increase the customers. The number of customers will be the relevant to the profit made by the company. The needs of customers are the most important factor for this product. Customer who feel sick need a cure. Peppermint Field work as a fast and efficient cure that can be used anywhere and anytime.

  • Consumer profile for the product or service
  • Identified consumer attributes, with reference to a marketing plan.


  • Women – because of the ease of carrying a bag
  • Between 18-40 because this is the most stressful part of the average life
  • Students – University takes time and energy out of students.
  • Workers – They are busy with their job and don’t get the time to relax.
  • geographic information – All over Australia and the World
  • income information – can be of any income
  • status information – can be any type of customer include businessman, student, unemployed, etc.
  • relationship information – any type of relationships
  • lifestyle or psychographic information – stressful, wants peace and relaxing
  • digital information – Online social media
  • Explanation of the alignment between the product or service and the consumer profile
  • Explained how the product or service features align with identified consumer needs.


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    Explained how the product or service features align with identified consumer needs.


  • how product or service features are tested with consumers
  • Not many changes
  • Been around for thousands of years
  • Similar to Aroma Therapy
  • Very portable and efficient
  • Dries fast and small.
  • reference to the requirements of an organisational marketing plan
  • information on pricing strategies that are appropriate for the identified consumers.
  • The Price of Peppermint Field will be cheaper than other companies because it is a natural product that is made from only natural ingredients.

    One product will cost $4

    Assessment Task 2

  • Analysis of trends and past performance in the market segment
  • Reviewed trends, past performance and past marketing to analyse consumer responses and the effectiveness of the focus of appeal used – using mathematical skills, analytical skills and understanding of organisational procedures.


  • consumer buying trends, including online trends
  • Not many competitors
  • Easy to inhale
  • Convenient
  • Effective
  • Many brands try to copy Peppermint Fields
  • Lots of freedom in the Market
  • past sales performance for the product or service
  • Based on the information gathered, Peppermint field remains an iconic and extremely recognisable and marketable brand and product in the Thai market. Respondents all knew the brand and logo where the majority recalled being exposed to the brand at least once on a daily basis. There is still a strong preference of Peppermint field over its rivals.

    Peppermint field brand could incorporate more options or create a positive association in consumer’s minds in order to capture the increasingly large, health conscious market segment.

  • analysis of external factors, such as seasonality, that influence consumer demand
  • Knowledge of the Market
  • Sales Staff
  • Sales representatives
  • High technology
  • Facility to farm the ingredients
  • Factory for manufacturing
  • OH&S approval
  • Review of past marketing activities
  • Advertising on social media to people know our product we have new product, new taste, new type of our product.


    Last updated: Feb 2024

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