Assessment Task 1 005




Assessment Task 1 005

Assessment Task 1 – Project V1.2

For this assessment you must complete the following written activity.

Total   Assessment 1  length should be  800 –   1500 words .

You must   accurately reference all of  your  external sources  of information  

Conflict is inevitable, your role as the Human Resources Manager is to have a conflict resolution procedure that all members of your team agree to prior to any conflict occurring. Not all conflict is overt some conflict will be subvert and it is one of the responsibilities of your supervisors and team members to recognise signs of conflict and to intervene immediately to prevent any escalation The benefit of early intervention is that a win/win outcome is more likely and there is less likely to be damage to workplace relationships. In the first task you are required to respond to the questions concerning identifying conflict:

Task 1: Identify conflict situations

Ø Describe the early indicators for conflict and an appropriate intervention strategy to prevent escalation.

Body language – A person’s body language is one of the most common ways to tell whether something is amiss.

  • Avoiding eye contact – this can show nervousness towards a person.
  • Crossed arms – someone who feels under attack may adopt crossed arms, which shows defensiveness.
  • Frowning – this expresses discontent and sometimes anger towards a person and/or situation.
  • Position – people may stand or face away from others to show their discontent.
  • Other signs include

  • a lack of motivation – fewer people volunteer to take on new tasks, and there is little employee input at team meetings or briefings
  • unpleasant behaviour – people start to make derogatory remarks towards each other and there are fewer social events organised
  • falling productivity – there are likely to be more queries and complaints if people are not cooperating with each other
  • increased sick leave and absence of staff – unhappiness may lead to depression or stress
  • increased level of grievances from staff in a particular area/section
  • As a manager you are more likely to be able to interpret the behaviour of your employees if you have regular channels for open communication and consultation. By listening to the views of your employees at an early stage – before issues become potential problems – you can gauge future reaction to proposed changes.

    Ø  Provide two examples where personal safety of customers or colleagues may be threatened and what an appropriate response would be to each.


    Assessment Task 1 005
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    examples where personal safety of customers or colleagues may be threatened and what an appropriate response would be to each.

    Bullying in the workplace may be described as repeated inappropriate behaviour that can occur at work and/or in the course of employment. It may be direct or indirect, verbal or physical, or some form of negative interaction between one or more persons against another or others. Bullying behaviour can be regarded as undermining an individual’s right to dignity at work. 

    Aggression in the workplace can be defined as ‘any incident in which employees and other people are abused, threatened or assaulted at work’.  Aggression in the workplace, in any form, is not part of the job. Aggression in the workplace is a hazard and employers must take reasonable, practical steps to protect employees.

    Ø  Nominate two areas where resources to assist in managing conflict may be located.

    Employee Handbook

    Employee handbooks are a useful resource in managing conflict. Handbooks include a list of bylaws and company rules that are established to protect employee rights and manage company expectations

    Human Resources Department

    A company’s human resources department is an ideal resource to aid in managing conflict. Human resource specialists are trained in many areas and are skilled at handling conflicts that arise between employees, clients and outside contractors.

    Task 2: Resolve conflict.

    As mentioned earlier conflict is inevitable, while the term conflict generally is associated with negative encounters, conflict itself is neither inherently good nor inherently bad. In fact, engaging in conflict can have positive effects on relationships and organisations. Conflict fosters an awareness that problems exist, discussing conflicting views can lead to better solutions and managing conflict is quicker and more efficient than letting conflicts fester. For task 2 you need to discuss how you will resolve the conflict, address the following elements:

    Ø    Why is it important to never accuse, always enquire and agree on the nature and details of conflict with all parties and assess impact?

    The real problem with accusations in the workplace is when they are not true. Think about it, a person in your workplace is accused of stealing money, for example. They did not and even if they are proven innocent, it can be impossible for them to lose the stigma of being the person that was accused of stealing.

    Some ways you might want to approach lies in the workplace is to make sure that you are modeling that concept of questioning everything. If someone tells you something, for example, make sure that you question its truth until you know it from the source.

    When someone tells a lie about you, make sure to find any evidence to contradict what that person is saying about you. You might want to confront the person telling the lie and see what their response might be. For example, you might ask them why they believe that accusation to be true? When you hear their answer, you may get a sense of why they are telling that lie, and then you might be able to do something with that information.

    Ø    Manage conflict within scope of own role and responsibilities, and according to organisational procedures.

    It is important that you know your job responsibilities, work within your position specifications and clarify work instructions where necessary.

  • Seek regular support and supervision from your supervisor through supervisory…
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    Assessment Task 1 005
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