Assessment Task 1 – undertake project work (1)




Assessment Task 1 – undertake project work (1)

BSBPMG522A Undertake project work

Assessment –Task 1

Student Name: Chanapat Panichlapho

Student ID: 13212

Project brief

Project purpose and rationale To build customer good will and satisfy its legal and ethical obligations

Project title Max Lionel Improvement and Development Project

Project purpose

To build customer goodwill and satisfy its legal and ethical obligations

Background and strategic context

  • inform agents of legal and ethical obligations (particularly with respect to WHS and anti-discrimination legislation) and any standards or codes of conduct followed by the organisation
  • promote high standards in professional conduct (see Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) Code of Conduct and relevant legislation)
  • inform clients, tenants and potential tenants of MLR’s commitments
  • achieve employee and client buy-in for initiative.
  • Priority

    Making sure that the customers are satisfied by the level of customer service and staff performance

    Related projects Performance management and development project

    Project client/owner the owner of the project is Max Lionel. He will be the highest level of authority, however does not have to deal with the day-to-day activities.

    Project sponsor Erwan Tjan is the project sponsor. He is the one that has requested this project and will be funding the project,

    Project manager Chanapat Panichlapho


    Assessment Task 1 – undertake project work (1)
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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    Project manager Chanapat Panichlapho

    I will be managing and handling the project activities and operations.

    Project approvals

    Chanapat PanichlaphoMax Lionel

    Project ManagerProject Sponsor

    Max Lionel

    Project Client/OwnerOther

    Project scope document

    Stakeholder analysis

    Communication plan

    Project snapshot

    Project plan.


    Enough financial resources

    Enough physical resource

    Workers are not impacted by the external issues








    CEO – Max Lionel

    Project Sponsor – Max Lionel, Project Manager Chanapat Panichlapho

    Team – Riz Mehra, Les Goodale, Kim Sweeney, Pat Misfud, Sam Lee



    Risk register

    Risk assessment form


    Assessment Task 1 – undertake project work (1)
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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