Assessment Task 2 (2)




Assessment Task 2 (2)


BSBRSK401A Identify risk and apply risk management processes

Assessment Task 2: Implement, monitor and review risk management

Submission details

The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.

Performance objective

Assessment Task 2 requires candidates to demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to implementing risk treatment and monitoring and reviewing risk management in the context of a simulated business.

Assessment description

To complete this assessment task, you will need to review a simulated business and its associated documentation then review the risk treatment planning you prepared for Assessment Task 1. You will then need to implement risk treatment, schedule and complete monitoring of risk treatment in accordance with your area of responsibility, and write a report containing recommendations for the improvement of risk management.


  • Review the simulated business information for MacVille in the Appendices of your Student Workbook.
  • Review the scenario information contained in the Appendices of this assessment task.
  • Create a schedule of monitoring activities. Consider/record:
  • all controls and relevant monitoring activities
  • responsibilities, including personal responsibilities
  • performance measures (measures of success) and targets
  • key timelines for monitoring activities
  • audit requirements as specified in scenario.
  • Implement risk management activities as per the risk treatment action plan you completed in Assessment Task 1 and monitor the success of controls as required by the monitoring schedule and organisational duties.
  • Complete a risk audit report. Complete the report regarding areas of your own responsibility. Complete risk descriptions, objectives, measures for areas of others’ responsibility. Submit copy of incomplete report to your assessor to receive results.
  • Receive a completed copy of the audit report from your assessor.
  • Amend the audit report if necessary for areas of your responsibility. For example, your view of the success of your control activities, such as training, procedure writing, and communications for the project team or Australian staff and managers may change if their affect on others’ behaviour is short lived, not adhered to, or not ultimately effective in reducing or eliminating risk.
  • Based on your analysis of the completed audit report, produce a one- to two-page report for continuous improvement. Include at least three recommendations for improvement of risk management in the organisation. Attach the final audit report to report on continuous improvement.
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    Assessment Task 2 (2)
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    provement of risk management in the organisation. Attach the final audit report to report on continuous improvement.

  • Submit documentation in accordance with specifications below. Ensure you keep copies of your work for your own records.
  • Specifications

    You must provide:

  • schedule of monitoring activities
  • evidence of implementation:
  • policies (written or amended)
  • procedures for team members to follow, including, for example, written procedures, diagrams, or flowcharts
  • detailed role descriptions of team members
  • signage
  • communications to team members, Australian staff or managers
  • video evidence of implementation activity
  • and/or demonstrate implementation:

  • presentation for team members, workers or managers
  • information session for team members, workers or managers
  • training for workers or managers, particularly for team members on how to successfully implement project at the lowest risk
  • demonstrate use or set up of risk management tools
  • demonstrate procedures to reduce risk to team members
  • incomplete audit report
  • one– to two-page report for continuous improvement with final audit report attached.
  • Your assessor will be looking for:

  • literacy skills sufficient to read and understand a variety of texts and to write, edit and proofread documents to ensure clarity of meaning, accuracy and consistency of information
  • data collection skills to monitor risks and conduct audit
  • problem-solving skills to appropriately address identified risks as part of continuous improvement practices
  • Australian and international standards for risk management
  • demonstrated knowledge of organisational policies and procedures relating to risk management processes and strategies
  • demonstrated knowledge of auditing requirements relating to risk management.
  • Appendices

    Appendix 1: Scenario Monitor and review risk

    You have recently been assigned to work in a project team charged with the implementation of a new business endeavour for MacVille in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Your duties within the project team include:

  • risk identification
  • analysis
  • evaluation
  • implementing and monitoring risk treatment, particularly in own areas of specific responsibility: communications, training, demonstrating procedures for managers and staff affected.
  • So far, you have concluded risk identification, analysis and evaluation in consultation with stakeholders. You have produced a risk register for the project and a risk treatment action plan for several risk controls to be implemented by you and others within the team.
  • Your role…


    Assessment Task 2 (2)
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