Assessment task 2 BSBMGT605 Provide leadership across the organisation




Assessment task 2 BSBMGT605 Provide leadership across the organisation

Provide Leadership across the Organisation


  • Summary
  • The Software Development team will undergo a very significant change as the PURA Company has decided to create a new business entity called PURA-IT which will be separate to the main engineering company. This change will mean that workers must sign a new contract, as PURA-IT is technically a different company to PURA. The workers will be given signing bonuses, to show their support and loyalty to the company. The company however is not forcing the Software Development Team to move to PURA-IT, as they have the choice to stay in PURA and be transferred to another department. There are many other changes that will be implemented such as policies and procedures.

  • Groups
  • The Software Development Team of PURA will be the internal group which experiences the most significant changes. The new location will mean that many people will lose contact with their colleagues and co-workers. Also, as the workers are forced to work at the office, they will now have less flexibility which could cause more stress and pressure.

    Other groups that will be impacted will be the board of directors and the managers of the organisation. Many people will need to consider and analyse the needs and requirements for the new PURA-IT entity. The organisation will need to allocate an existing senior manager to become the CEO of the new PURA-IT. This will mean that PURA will lose a senior manager which could impact the organisation significantly.

  • Risk Assessment
  • There are many risks which could impact and affect the change plan, such as the risk of reducing performance and profitability due to the changes of the Software development team. Another risk is that this change may result in the company losing some valuable and experienced workers, because they are not happy with the new policies and changes. This could significantly impact on the software development team’s competency, skills and level of experience. The organisation must make sure that the PURA-IT will have capable and experience staff that can fulfil the organisation’s requirements.

    Also the organisation will be investing a lot of money into the PURA-IT. The office, rent, labour costs, etc. will also contribute to a significantly higher amount of expenses, which could end up reducing the profitability a lot. If the performance of PURA-IT does not improve the software development team’s performance, than the whole change project may not be efficient.

  • Recommendations
  • PURA must remember that some things that don’t need changing, shouldn’t be changed. The Software Development team is performing well, although there are many risk, the performance is still satisfactory. If there were to be large changes to the software development team, this could cause the company a large amount of difficulties, and the staff may also not be happy with the changes.


    Assessment task 2 BSBMGT605 Provide leadership across the organisation
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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    changes to the software development team, this could cause the company a large amount of difficulties, and the staff may also not be happy with the changes.

    Another recommendation would be to create a very strict and detailed budget that will allow the organisation to plan and monitor the financial performance of the company. With a budget, the organisation will be able to consider whether the new entity can develop more sales and more profitability.

  • Email
  • Email

    Dear CEO of PURA

    As you may know by now, PURA has decided to establish a new business entity called PURA-IT in Fortitude Valley. This will be a significant change, as the whole software development team will be moved from the Brisbane CBD offices to the Office in Fortitude Valley. This could cause conflict because many people may not want to leave their friends and co-workers in the CBD location. The plan however has been approved, and therefore, the move will commence within 10 days, to meet the new financial year deadline.

    This decision may have some risks, however it also have a large number of advantages and also opens a lot of opportunity for the organisation. The PURA-IT has been performing outstandingly and therefore, with the right amount of support and development, the software development team could become a very significant competitor in the market. with the right strategies and developments, the PURA-IT business entity could increase profits significantly and with more focus on the software development, the organisation will be able to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats more easily.

    The organisation needs support and funding from the PURA organisation. This is because the business entity needs to develop from scratch, as the software development team will all be moved to an entirely new business entity. As a team manager, I have to make sure that the team members are satisfied with the changes and supportive of their new roles and responsibilities. The workers will need to adjust to the new changes of the organisation and this will in turn cost the company a lot of money, while the PURA-IT business is not stable.

    The PURA-IT entity will require a team that have a lot of experience, capabilities and diversity in skills. As a manager, I will be able to allocate roles and responsibilities, however if the software development team is unable to retain a high level of experienced and skill staff, the management of the team will be very difficult. Also implementing the new policies and procedures will also be very difficult, as the software development team may already be accustomed to their flexible and lenient method of operation and management.

    Please consider the information I have provided you, and reply to me about any issues that may need to be discussed further.




    Assessment task 2 BSBMGT605 Provide leadership across the organisation
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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