Assessment Task 2 BSBMKG506 (2) (1)




Assessment Task 2 BSBMKG506 (2) (1)

BSBMKG506 Plan market research

Assessment 2

Company : KFC

1. Review the Marketing Plan


There is great trend of fast food, which is increasing day by day and huge number of people spends their amount on this food. This fast food is becoming popular due to quality of ingredients, and convenience for the people. There are various other giants in the field, which can be great for this fast food chain, as they are also going to spread their business across the world and they are introducing new taste and maintain the healthy and wholesome food among the people.

KFC is the specialist in fried chicken and it has set up over 17,000 restaurants and outlets in about 105 countries of the world to provide the fast food to its lovers. This fast food chain earns about $6 billion in a year and it is considered the second best global fast food brand and it is now tapping in the newly emerging economies of the world, where the people working in the industrial and corporate sector, welcome its arrival. This global brand has the diverse and consistently changing work force and it has to meet different challenges while operating its business at the international level. The brand is now looking to expand its services in some other countries and introduces new taste in fried chicken to the local customers.

KFC SWOT Analysis

KFC Strength

• KFC has introduced the HALAL chicken in its menu.

• KFC needs to improve the sale of HALAL chicken as there is more space for the provision of HALAL chicken to its customers.

• KFC is the third fast food brand of UK with the provision of list of calorie contends in food.

• KFC has introduced its 11 herbs recipe, which has made their trademark strong.

• KFC is considered the highest fried chicken restaurants, which has the original recipe and huge variety in its menu.

• Due to HALAL chicken, the brand is becoming popular not only in Muslim communities of various countries but also in all Muslim countries across the world

KFC Weaknesses

• The brand has to face the lack of building of relationships with employees, who are unskilled and young.

• KFC only deals in fried chicken.

• There is lack of strong marketing efforts in the brand.

• The brand faces the high employee turnover, which affects its business.

• Negative publicity about brand affects their provision of fried chicken.

KFC Opportunities

• The brand should focus on healthier food to get more demand.

• The brand should start home meal delivery to its clients.

• The online services should be introduced to get orders.

• The provision of HALAL chicken, which can increase the number of customers in Muslim communities.


Assessment Task 2 BSBMKG506 (2) (1)
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• The provision of HALAL chicken, which can increase the number of customers in Muslim communities.

• The brand needs to maintain the standard of cleanliness and service.

• The brand introduces more varieties in its menu to ensure healthier choices.

• The brand can also start the burger business along with its traditional business.

KFC Threats

• The risk of bird flu can affect the sale of this business.

• There are various competitors in the market, which can be great threat for this business.

• There is trend of vegetarian among the people.

• The fast food chain has limited market share.

Marketing Objectives

KFC is the leading food chain in the world, which is going to spread its business in various other countries. This food chain industry wants to provide such facilities to its clients with the provision of fresh and healthy food, which can meet their requirements and also take less time to serve them.

Marketing Segmentation

KFC was started with the mission to provide healthy food to such people, who are working in multiple shifts and they have no time to cook their foods. The customers buy these foods from there and they d their lunch in short time and reach to their next duty. The office workers and the daily labor, who have no time, they can get benefit from this food chain and they can buy this healthy and nutritious food from there.

Target marketing

KFC is now providing its facilities across the world in the urban and industrial, where the people have no time to wait for their lunch and they have to reach at their other work. The company is providing the wholesome food with fine quality food products in it. In the emerging market, the industrial activities are now in full swing and the people find it difficult to do their lunch so they look for the suitable food chain to do their lunch.

Product Differentiation & Positioning

KFC is the leading food chain, which is the market leader in providing the quality food products to the clients in short time. The people can visit there and they can get this food item at very reasonable rate and they complete their lunch in short time and reach to their destinations, the food chain is making its sound position as in the industrial and business, there is not time with the workers and business and they have to rely over the food items of this food chain.

Marketing Mix


KFC has established its food chain branches in all big cities of the world. The clients can find the big food chain branch near their home in the big city and they can go there to buy the wholesome food from there. The company is now spreading its more branches in some other countries and also tapping the new emerging economies of the world for the provision of their food items there.


The food items of this food…


Assessment Task 2 BSBMKG506 (2) (1)
Last updated: Feb 2024

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