Assessment task 2- Manage People Performance




Assessment task 2- Manage People Performance


Q.1 What are 2 types of improvement pertinent to performance management? Give an example for each

  • Consistently measure overall employee activity and productivity.
  • In a way, measuring productivity to increase ROI is similar to sales and marketing data. In order to increase number of leads, you have to start counting those leads. If you want to increase sales, understanding the source of current sales is imperative. Breaking an entire process of working with customers in to steps, measuring every step and experimenting with improvements can lead to an increase in ROI.

  • Set goals and use results to help employees grow.
  • When establishing a measurement system, managers should understand what their company’s current state is and then set up rules and expectations. For example, if someone is spending seven hours on email and office applications, and one hour on personal sites per day, he or she could be considered acceptably productive.

    Q. 2 Define performance appraisal and explain how they identified as opportunities for development within the firm

    A performance appraisal is A process of mini reviews culminating in a one-to-one conversation betweeen managers and their reports. These are used to develop a shared understanding of the individual’s performance. At these meetings, the individual’s development and future goals are discussed, especially where the best contribution can be made, based on the successes of the review period.

    A performance appraisal should be:

  • A series of conversations that culminate in the appraisal review
  • A two way conversation
  • A shared assessment of performance and of future goals
  • Based on mutual trust and respect
  • Part of the performance management cycle
  • Q.3 Explain the relationship between performance and employee attributes in achieving performance targets.

    Staff that are more determined to achieve performance targets will most likely do so as their mind allows them to work harder and prioritise to achieve goals more effectively. Therefor motivating staff to perform harder and meet targets will improve their overall performance and help the company perform better overall.

    Q.4 List 5 methods management can use to improve the analysis of performance metrics divisionally or within the firm.

  • Determine goals and objectives
  • Provide support to staff
  • Monitor and review employee performance
  • Review staff activities and adjust rules and regulations to improve performance
  • Set KPIs to help measure key performance areas.
  • Q.5 What is an tangible value derived to employee from improved remuneration?

    Better staff retention and performance.

    Staff will most likely staff with the company that provides them with the best remuneration and staff benefits. This means that organisations that invest money in their staff remuneration will most likely get the best performance than poor paying companies.


    Assessment task 2- Manage People Performance
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    staff with the company that provides them with the best remuneration and staff benefits. This means that organisations that invest money in their staff remuneration will most likely get the best performance than poor paying companies.

    Q.6 List 5 performance management system models

  • Settings Performance goals
  • Coaching and training
  • Motivating and rewarding
  • Evaluating and reviewing performance
  • Planning and developing for development
  • Q.7 Explain importance of coaching in managing and monitoring people performance? Provide example

    At the workplace, coaching and mentoring is used when the management finds that there are working individuals who need to enhance their potentials to perform better in their jobs and to be more productive. There may be skills that need to be strengthened, lapses in working behavior and issues with performance output corrected at certain employees. Once this is assessed, these employees will be recommended for coaching. The coaches are usually the supervisors and managers. The company may even have a delegated coach for that particular department.

    Monitoring performance can be useful in many situtaions where performance is important. Performance is normally monitored in situations where it is deemed important to keep performance levels as high as possible. When performance is lower than wanted or expected then questions can be asked and we can find out what is “going wrong” and we can take corrective action.

    Q.8 Explain the relationship between record keeping and performance management system administration

    Records of performance should be kept safe because they can be used to improve the performance of staff. Keeping records such as performance appraisals is important because the company can identify the areas that need improvement and can also monitor the improvement of the staffs performance over the past few years or months.

    Q.9 How does the firm align its performance management strategy with the firm’s business strategy and why is this important?

    A firm will make a very strict performance management strategy which improves the performance of the company and employees. Integrating recruitment strategies with other organisational strategies helps to align the strategies and make them complement each other. A performance management strategy that improves the organisational strategies can be a very effective tool for improving performance.

    Q.10 Explain the performance feedback process citing examples for each step.

    Feedback can be of a positive or negative nature. We generally don’t like giving negative feedback because it may be construed as being nasty or insulting. Also, we find difficulty in receiving and handling negative feedback because of the possible effects upon our self esteem.


    If you have the time, prepare what you want to say and the order in which you want to deliver the information. Write key points down to prompt you about what you want to cover.

    Time and Place

    An appropriate time to give the feedback should be selected. If you or the other person are stressed, in a hurry, upset or…


    Assessment task 2- Manage People Performance
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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