Assessment_1 Customer Service




Assessment_1 Customer Service

BSBINM601 Manage Knowledge and Information

Task 1

Review staff and customer feedback and business performance data

Identify, define and analyse business problems and issues

  • everyone stressed
  • understaffed
  • managers cannot spend time with any staff members as they are too busy
  • less training nowadays as they are so busy
  • Identify information required to reach a decision on problems/issues

    Employees will receive a performance review that the organisation has done for every employee. Using this document, information about the employee can be more detailed. Questionnaires and surveys can be given to the employees to find out how the employees feel about the operations and team of the company. Finally a comprehensive audit must take place that analyses all the important factors that affect performance in True Home Dreams.

    Source and gather reliable information

    The types of information

  • Audits
  • Risks reports
  • Policies and procedures
  • Training programs
  • Sources of reliable information:

  • Employee
  • Supervisors
  • Government Website
  • Case Evidence
  • Professional Websites
  • Books
  • Test information for reliability and validity, and reject where contradictory or ambiguous

    Reliability will first be check by the author. If the author is an experienced or established author, the source is generally more trustworthy. The next would be the type of source. Magazines, news papers, blogs are not reliable sources. Government websites, factual books, encyclopaedias are reliable.

    Utilise formal and informal networks to access corporate knowledge/memory not held in formal systems and review appropriately

    The government makes most of the work practices guidelines and policies. These are policies and procedures that must be followed by every company in Australia. There are also some guidelines that company have the right to choose, however the government feels is the best way to operate.

    One of the best examples for this is sustainable policies and procedures. These are policies and procedures that help benefit the environment and as a manufacturing company, will reduce the amount of pollution released into the environment. These policies and procedures improve stakeholder reputation and can save money for the company.

    Other policies and procedures include OHS policies and procedures, record keeping and financial monitoring.

    Ensure objectives for analyses are clear, relevant and consistent with the decisions required


    Assessment_1 Customer Service
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    with the decisions required

    Meetings are the most effective way to deliver important information to the whole organisation. However if some members of the organisation do not attend the meeting they are missing out on important information. Therefore I must also send an email that has all the information that was discussed. Also putting up information on notice boards can also be effective for people who do not check their emails regularly.

    Identify patterns and emerging trends correctly and interpret as to cause and effect

    The trends and patterns that should be analysed are the customer compliance with OH&S rules and regulations and the way employees report hazards to the employer. Employees will usually be the first people to notice hazards and it is important for them to notify the supervisor as soon as they find the hazard.

    Increase in health risks and injuries must be analysed to see whether other employees have also gotten these long term health sickness that this employee has gotten. If the employee is the other one that has gotten this sickness, it cannot be blamed upon the Company. Even though the company may have influenced or contributed to the sickness, True Home Dreams cannot be entirely blamed.

    Utilise statistical analyses and interpretation where appropriate

    A company must be able to read and understand information easily. Companies must also be able to identify reliable information from unreliable information. There are many tests that are used to calculate statistics. The most common test is the fisher test, also known as the f-test which examines the accuracy and precision of the results. Then there is the t-test which calculates any bias in the information. These are the most common and most simple tests that can be done to analyse the statistical data.

    Ensure sufficient valid and reliable information/evidence is available to support a decision

    Every company must use a system that complies with the government rules and regulations. The system that this company uses enables the company to analyse and sort out the information that is being collected and only accept the reliable and accurate information to be collected. The system has been designed to allow all types of reliable information into the system. Up to date information is also something that the system has developed.

    The system uses a very simple process of elimination which gets removes any unreliable sources. The system will cut information sources in a set order such as date, author, statistics, all information that was used to test the reliability of the information.

    Utilise risk management plans to determine acceptable courses of action

    The first step to my risk management plan is to:

    1. identify risks

    2. Effects of the risk

    3. review solutions

    4. identify best solution

    5. Prioritise risk

    6. Use the risk assessment chart (effects over chance).

    7. begin to prevent, solve and control risks.

    Utilise appropriate quantitative methods to assist decision making


    Assessment_1 Customer Service
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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