ASSESSMENT_1 workplace tem 2 (2)




ASSESSMENT_1 workplace tem 2 (2)


Course Name: Diploma of Management

Code: BSB1107

Subject: BM110 Workplace Effectiveness

Evidence technique: Portfolio

Assessment No: 1

Weighting: 40%

Competency Title:

BSBWOR501B Manage personal work priorities and professional development

BSBWOR502A – Ensure team effectiveness

BSBSUS501A Develop Workplace Policy & Procedure for Sustainability

Assessment 1 – In Class Portfolio

Due Progressively throughout term

Weighting: 30%

This is a progressive assessment, meaning that you will need to complete the tasks throughout the term.

If you are unable to complete them during class time, you are required to finish them in your own time, before the due date.

All questions need to be answered in relation to your organisation (the one you work for now), unless otherwise stated.

You should submit in Moodle before the due date.

Activity 1- Establish personal work goals

  • What ways should a manager serve as a positive role model in the workplace?(4 marks)
  • What types of documentation might an individual within an organisation use to identify responsibilities and accountabilities? (4 marks)
  • Describe the range of work conditions and contingencies that could impact on personal performance.(4 marks)
  • Activity 2- Manage personal work priorities and professional development


    ASSESSMENT_1 workplace tem 2 (2)
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    Activity 2- Manage personal work priorities and professional development

  • What methods, tools or techniques could be used to prioritise work?(4 marks)
  • Name at least 4 work methods that could assist in maintaining an appropriate
  • Work-life balance.(4 marks)

  • How could you use technology to assist with prioritisation and organisation?(4 marks)
  • Activity 3- Develop and maintain profession competence

  • How would you use competency standards to assess personal knowledge and skills?(4 marks)
  • Who might you ask for feedback when reviewing your own skills and knowledge?(4 marks)
  • Describe at least 2 different learning styles.(4 marks)
  • Activity 4- Develop and maintain profession competence

  • What differentiates a group of people from a team?(4 marks)
  • How can roles and tasks be clearly allocated to team members so that problems
  • do not arise?(4 marks)

  • Describe the stages that a team goes through during its lifecycle.(4 marks)
  • Activity 5 – Develop and facilitate team cohesion

    Case Study

    Consider the following scenario;

    You are the team leader for a busy, customer focused technology support centre. Nicole is a long-standing member of your team. Her position requires her to answer the telephone, handle face- to-face enquiries regarding technical difficulties, use her knowledge and experience to solve problems and finally communicate solutions to customers.

    Until recently you considered Nicole to be very capable. You received good feedback from other staff and customers about her technical ability and customer service skills generally. Recently, however, you have received a number of complaints about her from another team member and from several customers. The complaints relate to her terse and harsh interpersonal skills and her lack of responsiveness when dealing with problems. Things have become so bad that it is having a negative impact on Nicole’s immediate team mates. One has refused to work with her and another has complained that they are unable to complete their work as Nicole is not feeding the paperwork through quickly enough.

  • How will you handle this situation now? (4 marks)
  • What would you do to make sure that no one faces the same problem again in the future? (4 marks)
  • Activity 6 – Facilitate teamwork

    Assume your organisation wants to create a new office layout that will give each member of staff their own workstation. Ten members of staff will be affected by the changes.

    A task team has been called together to prepare a floor plan and to determine which new furniture and equipment should be purchased. The team’s leader, Bryce, is…


    ASSESSMENT_1 workplace tem 2 (2)
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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