ASSESSMENT_1 workplace tem 2 nhing




ASSESSMENT_1 workplace tem 2 nhing


Course Name: Diploma of Management

Code: BSB1107

Subject: BM110 Workplace Effectiveness

Evidence technique: Portfolio

Assessment No: 1

Weighting: 40%

Competency Title:

BSBWOR501B Manage personal work priorities and professional development

BSBWOR502A – Ensure team effectiveness

BSBSUS501A Develop Workplace Policy & Procedure for Sustainability

Assessment 1 – In Class Portfolio

Due Progressively throughout term

Weighting: 30%

This is a progressive assessment, meaning that you will need to complete the tasks throughout the term.

If you are unable to complete them during class time, you are required to finish them in your own time, before the due date.

All questions need to be answered in relation to your organisation (the one you work for now), unless otherwise stated.

You should submit in Moodle before the due date.

Activity 1- Establish personal work goals

  • What ways should a manager serve as a positive role model in the workplace?(4 marks)
  • The manger should serve the information about the job role and responsibilities , how the staff can work effectively and work in the right way such as meeting or discuss within workplace to make sure the staff do the work in the right way and the manager pick the right person to work this position ,help the staff to achieve the goal and finish work on time
  • Many ways to serve information :

  • Meeting
  • Training the staff
  • Orientation
  • Talk to staff by face to face
  • What types of documentation might an individual within an organisation use to identify responsibilities and accountabilities? (4 marks)
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    ASSESSMENT_1 workplace tem 2 nhing
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    (4 marks)

  • Work guideline
  • The government policy
  • Job appraisal
  • The company policy and procedure
  • Job description
  • Describe the range of work conditions and contingencies that could impact on personal performance.(4 marks)
  • OHS ;

    Any safety hazards will make the employees feel unsafe and worried. This will make them lose concentration and affect their personal performance. If the work area doesn’t have enough fresh air, people will feel less energy and become lazy.

    If someone is having harassment or bullying problems, this will definitely affect their performance at work or personally.

    Activity 2- Manage personal work priorities and professional development

  • What methods, tools or techniques could be used to prioritise work?(4 marks)
  • The method that could be used to prioritise work is

  • To do list
  • make the deadline
  • Make the timeline or timetable
  • The tools or techniques could be used to prioritise is

  • Computer
  • Telephones
  • Photocopiers
  • Scanners
  • Printer
  • PDA
  • Etc

  • Name at least 4 work methods that could assist in maintaining an appropriate
  • Work-life balance.

    (4 marks)

  • To do list – make the list that you have to do during the day.
  • Make the deadline to complete the work on time
  • Make the timetable to do work and do other activities and know the time to relax and spend the time worth you.
  • Prioritise the work ,what thing you have to do first and what thing you can do at the last.
  • How could you use technology to assist with prioritisation and organisation?(4 marks)
  • I use technology by saving a lot of information that I can ‘t remember. The technology can help me do the work faster and memorise the information instead me . I can use the tools to prioritise work and the timeline I have to follow . It can even remind me of the work I have to do and the information about work I have to finish it on time.

    Activity 3- Develop and maintain profession competence

  • How would you use competency standards to assess personal knowledge and skills?(4
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    ASSESSMENT_1 workplace tem 2 nhing
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