ASSESSMENT_1_Marketing planning_ sue




ASSESSMENT_1_Marketing planning_ sue

Course Name: Advanced Diploma of Management

Subject Name: Market Planning Class No BM115A

Evidence technique: Develop a Marketing Plan

Unit of Competency:BSBMKG609A – Develop a marketing plan

Assessment No: 1

Trainer Name: Sue Cameron

Due Date: Week 9

Total Mark:100Weighting: 60%

Assessment 1 – Marketing Plan

To be completed either individually or in Groups of two (2)

Purpose of the Assessment Is to provide evidence on:

The ability to develop, and produce an effective marketing plan, detailing approaches, tactics and the marketing mix to achieve organisational marketing objectives

Description of Assessment:

Develop a Marketing Plan for the proposed marketing opportunity. This part of the project focuses on developing marketing strategies and making an action plan to implement them. This should detail every necessary step that you are going to take to promote your business or products or services. Include your research proposal in your marketing plan

Project requirements

  • Project must be completed either individually or in pairs
  • Each member has to be involved in the project.
  • Both students to upload the one marketing plan into Moodle by the due date
  • Late submission will be accepted up to 5 working days after the due date. However, a mark of 5% will be deducted for each day from the due date till submission date.
  • Report will be marked as a group however the presentation will be marked individually.
  • Assessment Instructions

    Your report must:

  • Be of a professional standard (spelling, grammar, punctuation)
  • Size 12, Arial Font
  • 1.5 Spacing
  • Assessment coversheet
  • Use appropriate headings and sub-headings to identify the sections in your assignments.
  • Number your pages.
  • You should have a proper cover letter and a table of contents covering every material in the report.
  • When writing a report you need to focus on the quality, not the quantity of the content
  • Avoid generalisations and meaningless statements. Be specific.
  • ......

    ASSESSMENT_1_Marketing planning_ sue
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    Avoid generalisations and meaningless statements. Be specific.

  • Include a bibliography or references
  • All pages must have a Header/Footer with the following details:
  • Name
  • Student ID
  • The course & unit of competency
  • Date
  • Trainers name
  • Page numbering
  • Title page
  • Index page
  • Body of work
  • Referencing
  • To complete your marketing plan follow the template given in the following pages.


    [Your Name] [Your Title]

    [Business Name]

    [Main Business Address]

    ABN: [ABN]

    ACN: [ACN]

    [Business Name]

    Marketing Plan

    Prepared: [Date prepared]

    For: Sue Cameron

    1.0 Executive Summary

    [Please complete this page last]

    Your summary should be completed last and should be no longer than a page focussing on why your business should undertake the marketing campaign and how it is going to be successful.

    Your answers below should briefly summarise your more detailed answers provided throughout the body of this plan.

    2.0 The Business

    Business name: [Enter your business name as registered in your state/territory. If you have not registered your business name, add your proposed business name.]

    Business structure: [Sole trader, partnership, trust, company.]

    ABN: [Registered Australian Business Number.]

    ACN: [Registered Australian Company Number, if applicable.]

    Business location: [Main business location]

    Date established: [The date you started trading.]

    Business owner(s): [List all of the business owners.]

    Relevant owner experience: [Briefly outline your experience and/or years in the industry and any major achievements/awards.]

    Products/services: [What products/services are you selling? What is the anticipated demand for your products/services?]

    3.0 The Future

    Vision statement:

    The vision statement briefly outlines your future plan for the business. It should state clearly what your overall goals for the business are.

    Mission statement

    What is your business’ mission statement (i.e. how will you…


    ASSESSMENT_1_Marketing planning_ sue
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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