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Assessment_Task_2 (8)

Undertake consultation and manage WHS risk

Submission details

The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.

Performance objective

The candidate is to demonstrate skills and knowledge required to establish and maintain effective and compliant participation arrangements for managing WHS. The candidate will also demonstrate skills and knowledge required to establish and maintain procedures for effectively identifying hazards and assessing and controlling risks.

Assessment description

Using the WHS policy and planning you developed in Assessment Task 1, you will undertake consultation and manage WHS risk. You will develop or source and adapt risk management and recordkeeping procedures, participate in two consultation role-plays, follow risk management procedures, and plan follow-up activities for ongoing risk management. You will also need to identify sources of expert advice and seek input.


  • Review the following scenario:
  • Review the Australian Hardware simulated business information in the Appendices of the previous Assessment Task.
  • Note: Detailed information on Australian Hardware, including operational policies and procedures, risk management, and financials may be accessed at:

  • Australian Hardware’, IBSA, viewed March 2013, .
  • Develop a policy and procedure/s for WHS risk management. Ensure your policy and procedure/s:
  • define the organisations approach to WHS risk management and commitment to legal compliance
  • refer to relevant legislation, codes of practice, etc.
  • include procedures for identifying hazards, and assessing and controlling risk
  • include reference to, and procedures for using, hierarchy of control
  • refer to and assist the organisation to comply with consultation requirements under the WHS Act.
  • Note: Policies/procedures may be sourced and adapted, rather than written from scratch.
  • Develop recordkeeping policy and procedure/s:
  • Include templates and procedures for collecting information on hazards, incidents and actions taken, such as incident reports and risk registers.
  • Note: Policies, procedures, templates may be sourced and adapted, rather than written from scratch.
  • Arrange with your assessor to meet with the Wollongong work group health and safety representative (HSR). Prepare to collect information on worker concerns and effectiveness of existing controls for risk.
  • In a roleplay, meet with the Wollongong HSR.
  • Identify and seek expert advice for some aspect of planning or implementation of WHS risk management or WHS legislation. For example:
  • determine safe storage of petrol, turpentine, poisons, paints, etc.
  • ......

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    l, turpentine, poisons, paints, etc.

  • determine systems for safely directing traffic in warehouse areas.
  • Note: You may choose to contact your WorkCover authority for advice, for example, on implementing aspects of the WHS Act.

  • Arrange with your assessor to meet with the Wollongong Store Manager. Prepare to discuss worker concerns and possible actions to take.
  • In a roleplay, meet with the Wollongong Store Manager. During the meeting, you will explain and use your procedures to assess and record actions taken to control WHS risks. Discuss the expert advice you researched or received.
  • Develop a plan to implement appropriate measures to control risk. Include:
  • timelines, resources and actions
  • any new procedures to be developed
  • changes to procedures
  • further communication and consultation:
  • plan at least one meeting in detail to inform affected workers of changes and include strategies to provide access to information and ease of understanding
  • ongoing, regular monitoring (plan for at least three monitoring activities, e.g. scheduled audits)
  • recordkeeping or reporting actions to assist in compliance and organisational WHS performance review.
  • Submit all required documentation to your assessor as per the specifications below. Keep copies for your records.
  • Specifications

    You must:

  • participate in a role-play meeting with the HSR (the assessor)
  • identify and seek expert advice
  • participate in a role-play meeting with Wollongong Store Manager (the assessor)
  • submit a portfolio of evidence that includes:
  • WHS risk management policy and procedure/s
  • recordkeeping policy and procedure/s, including the required templates and forms
  • an implementation plan for control and monitoring of identified risk/s
  • completed records of risk treatment (completed as per recordkeeping procedures).
  • Your assessor will be looking for evidence of:

  • knowledge of relevant WHS Acts, regulations and codes of practice that apply to WHS risk management and recordkeeping in the context of the simulated business and scenario
  • analytical and problem-solving skills to examine relevant workplace information and data to identify hazards, and to assess and control risks using the hierarchy of control
  • communication skills to consult with staff and to promote a safe workplace
  • literacy skills to locate, adapt and communicate WHS policies that reflect WHS legislative…
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    Assessment_Task_2 (8)
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