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Assessment_Task_2 (9)

Support the selection of staff

Submission details

The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.

Performance objective

In this task you will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to work with an interview panel to complete an interview and select a successful applicant for the role.

Assessment description

Across three assessment tasks you will support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff. In this Assessment task, you will participate in interviewing applicants and making a selection.

You will use résumé documents provided to select two appropriate applicants to interview for the role of Café Manager at CoffeeVille. You will then update the interview guide you developed in Assessment Task 1, and interview two applicants for the role. You will need to work as a group to complete these tasks.

The final part of this task involves conducting reference checks and writing a selection report to recommend an applicant for the role. This part of the task is to be completed individually.


Part A

  • Review the CoffeeVille simulated business documentation provided to you in Assessment Task 1.
  • Form a group of learners to act as a selection panel as per your assessor’s instructions. Your assessor may need to provide direction on identifying suitable learners to convene a selection panel with if you are separated from selection panel members by distance or time. Seek approval for the composition of the selection panel from your assessor before continuing.
  • With your selection panel, read and review the résumés (provided in Appendix 1) to determine who you would consider to be the strongest two applicants for the role. You will then interview these two applicants in Part B of this Assessment Task. During this stage, you will need to:
  • short-list applicants based on the requirements of the job role and the needs of CoffeeVille (as documented in the scenario in Assessment Task 1 and in the CoffeeVille policies and procedures)
  • adhere to principles of EEO and anti-discrimination legislation
  • negotiate for your preferred two applicants
  • take notes to document how the selection panel determined the most appropriate applicants to be interviewed; you will need to refer to these notes to write a selection report in Part C of this task.
  • With your selection panel, determine which interview questions (of the questions you individually developed for Assessment Task 1 and documented in the interview guide) you will choose to ask applicants during the interview. During this stage you will need to:
  • assign a weighting (from 0 to 5; 5 being most important) for each question
  • ......

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    5; 5 being most important) for each question

  • ensure that the group’s questions comply with legislative requirements, e.g. are not directly or indirectly discriminatory
  • edit your interview guide and replace your original questions with the final questions that are agreed on as a group
  • take notes to document how the selection panel determined the most appropriate questions to ask the applicant during the interview. You will need to refer to these notes to write a selection report in Part C of this task.
  • Once the group has selected applicants to be interviewed and agreed on interview questions, the group needs to schedule the interview role-plays with your assessor (who will act in the roles of the part of your chosen applicants).
  • You will need to make two copies of the interview guide and update the correct time, date and selection panel for each interview.
  • Part B

  • At the times scheduled for the interview, conduct the two interviews with your assessor (playing the role of your chosen applicant) using your amended interview guide. You will need one copy of the interview guide for each applicant (to be completed electronically or in hard copy). Each interview should take 10–20 minutes. During interviews, ensure that you:
  • participate in asking questions
  • take notes of the applicants’ responses
  • give each response a score (from 0 to 5; 5 being the best response)
  • ask each applicant for referee contact details and record them in the interview guide (your assessor)
  • advise applicants of the next steps as the interview comes to a close.
  • Discuss your scores with the panel (the learner group) and come to an agreement on the best applicant for the role.
  • Part C

    In this part, you will work individually to contact referees and prepare a selection report

  • Conduct a reference check by emailing a questionnaire to the applicant’s referee (your assessor who will act the part of the applicant’s referee). Ensure that you specify in your email who it is that you are seeking a reference for and ensure that your questionnaire seeks to determine:
  • the applicant’s employment period with the previous employer
  • the applicant’s reason for leaving the company
  • the applicant’s job responsibilities
  • ...

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