assignement 1 telstra sydney water compare




assignement 1 telstra sydney water compare



“TO improve the way people live and work”

Telstra believes that their business has the power to improve people’s lives by providing them with the newest technologies. They do this by giving people new innovations which make jobs and lives easier. This will save people’s time and energy making them happier and more energetic. Telstra’s vision talks about both, people’s lives and work lives making it directed to everyone.

Sydney Water

“Our Vision is to provide valued water solutions”

The vision of Sydney Water’s future is to fix all problems about the water in Sydney and to provide the best valued water for the residents of Sydney to drink. A lot of money has been put into the research of making the drinking water of Sydney completely clean. They are also trying to find ways to recycle large amounts of water for Sydney to use.

These visions from both these companies are to improve the way people live and make a healthier and safer future. Sydney water is a very environmental company which puts a lot of effort in conserving and protecting the environment for the next generations to enjoy. Sydney water believes that the drinking water of Sydney is a very important resource of Sydney and that it should be taken care of as much as possible. Third world countries lack the luxury of fresh clean water that first world countries take for granted.

Telstra provides better lives through technology advancements. These advancements are designed to decrease the amount of energy in a job and to make a job easier and quicker. Even though Telstra uses a lot of energy and resources to make these new inventions, they are becoming more and more environmental by using recycled products and energy saving equipment.

Both Telstra and Sydney water’s visions are simple and easy to understand. These visions are not complicated and the visions are generally to make the world a better place. It is not good to have a complicated vision because it will make people confused.

Telstra has a vision that cannot really be measured. Not everybody’s lives will improve due to Telstra’s technology and it is hard for Telstra to find out how many people have improved lives because of Telstra. Sydney water’s vision is much easier to measure. Sydney water’s vision is to solve problems and improve the water quality of Sydney. This can be measured by the number of successful jobs in the water and new technology that can be used to clean the water more efficiently. The clearness of water can also be measured proven the affect of Sydney water.

Both of these companies are very large and funded with a lot of money. These companies are at the top of their industry and they will have the most potential to reach their visions. That is why both these companies’ visions are achievable.

The visions of these companies are realistic because such large companies must have their vision set to a better future. These companies also require a lot of funding and therefore need to be a very trustworthy and genuine company that puts their customers’ needs before theirs.


assignement 1 telstra sydney water compare
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quire a lot of funding and therefore need to be a very trustworthy and genuine company that puts their customers’ needs before theirs.

Both of these companies’ visions can take a long time, but they can also be quite fast. Telstra’s visions can work straight away if many people start to use Telstra’s services. However if people do not use their services they will not be able to feel like their lives have improved because of Telstra.

The visions of both these companies are thought out quite nicely. They are simple but affective and are good for both companies. Sydney Water has a “SMARTer” vision compared to Telstra.

Values of the Organisation


The values of Telstra were found on their website and they have 3 main values that they believe in.

The first value is Integrity and Trust.

Telstra believes that treating their customers with as much respect as possible is a definitely responsibility that they must follow. Their customers are their main investors and without, Telstra would not have enough funds to make them the leader in their industry. The treat their customers as though the customers are always right. Telstra also believes in the trust of their customers.

Second Value is Service and Respect.

Telstra tries their best to be a good service that can help their customers as much as they can. Telstra respects the needs and wants of customers and will try their best to give as much as they can to their customers. The values of companies will make them either more popular or less popular. Customers will choose the service providers that they feel will give the most to them.

Last Value is Teamwork and Accountability.

Telstra would not be as big as it is now if everyone in Telstra didn’t work as a team. Telstra is so successful because all departments and workers work hard and work together to get the best out of every job. No blame is given to a specific person and all mistakes are forgotten. The powerful leadership and strong teamwork is a big value that Telstra believes in.

Sydney Water

Sydney water has quite different values that they believe in. Sydney Water concentrates on the environment and tries their best to help the environment last for many more generations. The environment will protect the humans and they think that the humans should then protect the environment. If the environment is dirty and unhealthy, it will then make the humans feel unhealthy as well.

Sydney water also believes in having time for personal life as well as work life. Sydney Water is a family friendly business which makes them care for the workers families. Work arrangements can be made if there are reasons about family life that affect work life.

Showing by example is another way that Sydney water…


assignement 1 telstra sydney water compare
Last updated: Feb 2024

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