assignment 1 Google




assignment 1 Google

  • Google received its first funding in 1998 by a man named Andy Bechtolsheim. This was a large amount of money of $100,000. The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin then sold Google to the EXCITE CEO, George Bell. Google began to receive larger amounts of funds and shares were being auctioned.
  • In March 1999 the company decided to move headquarters to a larger and more suited area in Palo Alto California which has many large technological company buildings.

    Google was still not getting enough funds to become as good as it could be so they decided to start selling advertising space. This idea was copied from another company which led to them being sued. Google was forced to give some shares to another search company Yahoo!.

    The founder and inventor of Google, Larry Page was then acknowledged and given the spot as CEO of Google and is now in charge of taking care of everyday activities. In 2004, Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin and Larry Page agreed to work in Google for the next 20 years.

    Google expanded into other countries and soon it was heard all over the world. Buildings were built and current ones are getting larger and larger. The original Google building, now known as Googleplex is the head quarters of Google and there are now more than 70 different Google buildings in over 40 countries.

    Over the time of 10 years it had become a more project held in a garage, to a multi-billion dollar company. Google is known to be a very relaxed and enjoyable company to work for which is not all about the corporate business. Google’s culture is famous as an anti-corporate company that is friendly to users. After selling so many millions of shares, it was thought that it would change to become a company that is support the corporate industry. This was however, disputed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as they decided to introduce a Culture Officer which was in charge just keeping the Google culture alive.

    Google has become so famous that it was added to the dictionary as a verb to search in the Google search engine. Every country is familiar with Google and its services.

    Google has a dedicated development team that is in charge of and makes sure that Google is developing and growing in the world. They analyse all investment options and ideas and making sure that they work as well as they should. This team has experienced and innovative people that know how to identify great opportunities to grow and expand. These people have to control negotiations and deals to make everyone happy.

  • Google was blamed to be a very anti-competitive company which did acts that decreased the competition. This meant that Google was promoting their own products in their services and decreased the promotions of other products. This was seen by Foundem, as very anti competitive conduct and they sued Google. Google was forced to make an agreement to stop any anti competitive acts activities that would decrease the threat of their competitors. These activities included not to make the searches any bias to the Google products such as the new mobile phone operating systems. This will let advertisers be free to place advertising campaign on Google.
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    assignment 1 Google
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    These activities included not to make the searches any bias to the Google products such as the new mobile phone operating systems. This will let advertisers be free to place advertising campaign on Google.

    Google was also criticized for selling too many shares to people which would change the culture and experience of Google. This was then resolved by Larry Page and Sergey Brin by hiring a new Executive Culture Officer who will be in charge of keeping the Google Culture alive. This worked very well and the Google culture is still rated number one company to work in.

  • Google has dominated the online search engine industry for many years and has becoming a well known company all over the world. They are now interested in the dominance of the mobile smart phone industry. Google has been working on new mobile phones in the android company to make phones such as the Google nexus brand. Android has been the only company to challenge the apple Iphone in the number of sales. In a quarter year of 2011, Iphones sales were around 36 million. Android has sold over 40 million in the same amount of time and therefore their phones are becoming more popular.
  • Google has added extra benefits to the Google phones such as the extra easiness of Google browsing on the Google phone. This better control of Google on Google phones compared to the web browsing of apple phones gives users more options with the android phone. Other phone companies are in a good position to overtake Apple as well because of Google’s style of not actually manufacturing the phones.

    Google’s involvement in the Smart phone industry is not the manufacturing part but the designing of the operating system. Apple’s operating system, iOS is the rival of the newer Android operating system by Google. Google doesn’t make the phones but they sell the Android operating system to manufacturing companies when they sell their phones with Android. This will help other mobile phone manufacturers to take down the Apple company dominating the industry.

    This makes phones companies better at making and designing the mobile phones while Google’s Android operating system can improve. Google can concentrate on improving the operating system to reduce the domination of iOS in the industry. Android has recently overtaken the number of sales of iOS per time period. This will increase the number of competition that Apple has to compete with. The android operating system is also very open to connect with other systems such as the office tools which can be used to edit documents.

    Google has put the Android operating system on the market for all users to access and source. This is very different to apple’s iOS system which is…


    assignment 1 Google
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