Assignment 1 Learning Log




Assignment 1 Learning Log

Assignment 1 – Learning log


Business communication involves the sharing of information between two or more parties within an organisation concerning the affairs of the business. Business communication can also involve the communication of internal stakeholders to external stakeholders such as customers, clients and government. Dialogue is a communication tool which is mainly used to engage others to listen and understand different perspectives, transfer information and develop better coordination and cooperation in an organisation. Feedback is another form of business communication that is essential for the development of the organisation.

Based upon the learning materials and research that I have studied during this course, I have learned a great deal about systematic business communication and the importance of business communication to professional practice. In this learning log, I will share my understanding of the effects of poor business communication through my experience in an organisation that had numerous barriers to communication. This learning log will also explore the development of my interpersonal communication skills within my workplace along with the way it can impact my overall communication in the future.

Part A Learning Log

During my time as an employee at a fairly successful Thai Hotel company that recently decided to open a new hotel in Australia, I experienced the significant impact that poor business communication can have on the success of an organisation. I learned the significance of globalisation and the impact that interpersonal communication can have on the operations of a business. Maintaining optimal engagement of employees and other stakeholders can be greatly influenced by the ability to use dialogue as a means of exploring complex issues through different perspectives and views.

In the organisation I worked for, there was limited downward communication from the upper level management to the employees and a lack of upwards flow of communication to the upper management. Issues were communicated to the manager multiple times a day, but the manager ignored the issues and never raised them with higher hierarchal management. What I learned from this was that there must be an effective flow of communication from the staff members all the way to the head of the company. The communication within the organisation must also flow downward in a form of rules and orders to help give guidance to the staff, cited in (Tourish and Hargie, 2009). In my experience, there was no free flow of communication as the manager disrupted the flow. Consequently, there was a communication gap between the higher level of manager of the organisation and the lower level employees which significantly impacted the productivity of the hotel.

Innovation was also impacted from the lack of business communication, as employees suggested numerous ideas to the manager, however the ideas were never brought to the upper level management and therefore no actions were made. As mentioned by (May, Gilson & Harter 2004), the absence of responsibility and conversation between the employees and the upper management resulted in a lack of congruence further leading to disengagement from their role.


Assignment 1 Learning Log
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ed by (May, Gilson & Harter 2004), the absence of responsibility and conversation between the employees and the upper management resulted in a lack of congruence further leading to disengagement from their role.

The lack of dialogic communication within the hotel was the catalyst for the lack of support, resources, creative freedom and overall responsibility given to the hotel. If there was better communication between the employees and the upper level management, the employees may have felt more engaged in the development and success of the hotel. The simple notion of the employee’s ideas being heard and considered would motivate them to develop better ideas and strategies to overcome issues in the workplace.

Although I was just an employee at the hotel, when looking back I can see that I could have a done a lot to help with the communication in the hotel. There was a clear problem with the communication and there was no vertical flow of communication. Any of the team members could have gotten the attention of the upper level management of the company through other means of communication such as emails, phone calls, etc. Creating new channels of communication could have helped with the flow of communication which could have resulted in faster develop of strategies and plans to improve the hotel’s performance, according to (Kim, Pan & Park 1998).

To prevent this from occurring in the future, organisations must develop a free flow of communication within all levels of hierarchy in the organisation and foster conversation systems that allow employees to interact and feel more engaged in the organisation’s development. Additionally, I learned that feedback and bottom-up communication is essential for an organisation especially, when entering unfamiliar environments. The feedback system allows the organisation to monitor the quality of its products and services and will in turn help to also increase employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

Part B Learning Log

When reviewing my business communication skills prior to engaging the subjects learning materials, I can see a clear lack of understanding of the core fundamentals of business communication. From my ingenuous perspective of communication, I have now learned about the importance of free flow of communication in the organisation, overcoming intercultural communication barriers, based on the reading by (Scollon, Scollon & Jones, 2011), building an efficient feedback system and fostering interaction among employees and other levels of hierarchy in the organisation.

Since comprehending the learning materials, it is now clear how important and essential interpersonal communication is in a work-based setting, as it is the most effective method of communication to ensure that the information is being understood clearly by the other parties. This also correlates to the flow of communication, as I cannot always rely on the free flow of communication to transfer my information to desired person or person. If the flow of communication is not effective, I must use interpersonal communication to make my message more significant and impactful to the affairs of the…


Assignment 1 Learning Log
Last updated: Feb 2024

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