ASSIGNMENT 1 meeting making




ASSIGNMENT 1 meeting making


Project Stage One:

BSBADM502B Manage Meetings

Scenario 2

Part a

  • Pre-meeting Checklist

    During Meeting checklist

    Post Meeting Checklist

  • Meeting Notice

    The School Representative Council (SRC) is going to run a meeting at College. This will be a semi-formal meeting which will consist of some discussions about the school’s current situation.

    Date and Time:

    Thursday, 10th of August, 2013

    6:00 to 9:00 PM


    1/203 College St, Student lounge


    An agenda will be provided which contains some main issues. These issues will be explained in detail. If there is still time and no more main issues need further discussion, some other issues can be discussed.


  • No Mobile phones
  • Requires preparation
  • No side conversations
  • If attending, participation is required
  • Communicate discussions with facts
  • This meeting will be used to help improve the operations of the college and possible improve its overall image to students, the public and the employees. Regular meetings of the SRC can be used to get the opinions of the students to help the management team know what the students desire.

  • ASSIGNMENT 1 meeting making
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    Meeting Agenda

    Date: 10th August 2013

    Title of Meeting: SRC Meeting at College

    Location: College, Student Lounge

  • College

    Student Representative Council Meeting Minutes

    Meeting Date____10/8/13______ Time____6PM____ Chair Person_____________________________ Minute Taker_______________________________

  • In Class
  • Check
  • Part b

  • The agenda should be distributed 2-3 days before the meeting to make sure that all attendees have enough time to respond and think about the arguments of the meeting. Waiting until the last day before the meeting will be not be good because people will not have had time to think about their arguments and ideas. 2-3 days is enough time for the ideas to come and not too long for them to be forgotten.
  • Distributing it 3 days before will give enough time for people to find any discrepancies in the meeting notice which should usually be checked before distributing. However if there is an event that the management team is not aware of, this could be affected by the meeting which means it can be moved.

  • Agendas are a list of topics that must be communicated and discussed in the meeting. Therefore it is easy to know whether certain topics will take longer than others and whether there is enough time to finish all agenda topics. If an agenda topic has been discussed too long, the timekeeper can then make sure that the topic is then finished quickly.
  • Making sure that there is enough time for all the topics is good. Allocating an average time for each topic is a great way to keep a rough idea of when the next topic must start.

  • The secretary is responsible for all details about appointments and meetings. The secretary must be able to remember all the tasks and meetings that an employer has. Dome of these documents are things such as Meeting Agenda, Meeting Notice, Meeting minutes and other important meeting information.
  • This meeting is stated that it is semi-formal. A College SRC meeting should be semi-formal as the students will not have the confidence and attitude to speak their opinions so easily. Making it a semi-formal discussion, the students will be more able to speak their opinions more truthfully if the meeting is semiformal.
  • If this meeting was formal, the students will not be able to argue as effectively which means that their ideas and views are not seen, which ruins the purpose of the Student Representative Council and the meeting because it is created to get the students views.


    ASSIGNMENT 1 meeting making
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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