Assignment 1 – menu




Assignment 1 – menu

Assignment 1: Restaurant Report and Menu Development


Australia has a very simple cuisine that most people are familiar with. There are no special or exclusive dishes that define the Australian cuisine but there are certainly dishes represent Australia well. From 1788 to 1900, Australia was a British colony and therefore, the British cuisine significantly influenced the Australian Cuisine of today. The agricultural products that are of abundance in Australia are what made up the staple foods of Australia. However, after the war ended, Australia became a central target for many migrants of Asia and the Mediterranean.

Before the Europeans colonised Australia, the aboriginals, the indigenous people of Australian, had their own cuisine of “bush tucker”. This was generally animals cooked on a fire, such as kangaroos and but in general, any animal that they could kill. Since globalisation, Australia’s core cuisine would be based around the meats of cattle and pigs.

The Name of the Restaurant will be Iconic Australia.

The foods of Australia do not require many ingredients are very simple. Australian’s main food parties will contain a Barbeque, some meat and other side dishes. This is considered to be an Australian traditional dinner. However this Popup restaurant will serve some of the Australia’s exotic meats, cooked and served in the traditional barbeque style.

Iconic Australia


Emu Fillet Sticks

Marinated emu fillets skewered onto a stick, served with a delicious chilli sauce

Skewers are a very common in barbeques and Australian take away shops. They are normally known as chicken kebabs and take the form of a long skewer with barbequed chicken meat on them. This is a very simple dish that can serve as an entrée.

Kangaroos are one of the most iconic animals in Australia, making is a great promotional cuisine for Australia and a great meal for tourists. Most people have never tried Kangaroos before and therefore this dish really stands out as this would be exotic and something that cannot be eaten anywhere else outside Australia. The meat would be already prepared and prior to the opening of the Pop-Up Restaurant.

This dish is extremely special. One of Australian’s favourite dishes, scramble eggs is remade to become an Iconic dish of Australia, promoting one of Australia’s native animals. Emu’s produce the largest bird eggs in Australia, second in the world to the Ostrich. One emu egg is equivalent to 10 to a dozen chicken eggs. Therefore one Emu egg is enough to feed many people.

Chiko Roll

A special spring roll that contains chicken and vegetables, with some salad and dressing on top

Assignment 1 – menu
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The Chiko roll is a type of food that is mainly served as a fast food item. However this dish is made with more quality and better tastes. The outside of the Chiko roll is crunchy and sweet however the inside is soft and savoury. The combination makes a wonderful entrée and definitely promotes Australia.

The Best Fish and Chips

Succulent fish fillet from freshly caught Flathead fish coated with the perfectly textured battered served hot with chips.

Fish and Chips is a dish that actually originated from Europe, however Australian’s have taken it as their own national dish. Australia has been recognised for making some of the best fish and chips in the world because of its large fishing industry. Australia has the third largest fishing industry in the world, making it a great country for fresh seafood.

Kanga’ Bangas (Kangaroo Sausages)

These are special sausages, specially made with great quality Kangaroo meat. Served with mixed beans

Kangaroo meat is an exotic meat that is only available fairly abundantly in Australia. These sausages will taste even better than any other sausages that the customers have tasted.

Grilled Lamb

Tender and moist lamb cuts, grilled on a barbeque and served with a special gravy

The sheep of Australia are very high quality and this dish is fantastic for tourists that want to taste the difference between Australia and other countries, while experiencing the Australian BBQ.

Dessert! Ice-Cream Lamington

Delicious chocolate ice-cream sandwiched together by two lamingtons, served with delectable chocolate topping oozing on top

This is a perfect dessert for any chocolate lover. The Lamington is an iconic snack that consists of sponge cake, coated with a layer of chocolate icing which contains desiccated pieces of coconut. This desert is a very special and exotic desert that will not be found in any other country.


The drinks that have been chosen are as iconic as possible. The beers are all Australian beers that are from different states of Australia. Australia has an extremely large beer industry which makes this drinks menu very abundant in high quality beers. All wines will be from Australian wine yards. Australia also has a very large wine industry which is due to the fact that Australia is so abundant in fresh produce. Melbourne, the wine capital of Australia, hosts some of the world’s biggest food and wine festivals which attract great wine experts. Wine will be an excellent choice to most of these dishes as of beer.

The juices will be strictly Australia brands as well. Australian fruits are some of the highest qualities in the world. The Coffee industry in Australia is also very big. The Coffees with be served with High quality…


Assignment 1 – menu
Last updated: Feb 2024

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