Assignment 1 Part B LiNQ




Assignment 1 Part B LiNQ

Assignment 1 Part B

PROJECT NAME: Birthday Party at Shelbourne Hotel, Sydney

Executive Summary

Frank has hired me as an event manager, to take care of and manage a big Birthday party that he has planned for his best friend John. This report will be a detailed project plan of all the factors to take into consideration when creating the event. The report will be structured in a way to include the following; objectives, assumptions, deliverables, WBS, timeline, risks, budget and roles. All these factors are very important and must be identified in the planning stage.


  • A surprise one “Birthday Party” without the celebrant knowledge.
  • Number of expected guests 100 people.
  • To act/mean of getting together between Birthday celebrant and friends.
  • Achieve this project in 2 week.
  • Making sure that everything is under budget
  • Project Assumptions

  • To provide guests a 3 meals course.
  • Providing entertainment of Music (invite DJ).
  • Drink (alcohol) will be provided
  • Venue will be Free
  • All guests will attend
  • There will be some +1s
  • Celebrant’s family and friends are willing and excited to see the birthday celebrant happy and to getting along with one another.
  • Every single guest will be having great time and experience a different type of celebrating a birthday party and they will be entertained with contemporary songs.
  • ......

    Assignment 1 Part B LiNQ
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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    Project Deliverables

    1. Create the invitation

  • Identify the number of guests and confirmation
  • 2. Booking the venue

  • Choose the suitable venue and cheapest cost.
  • 3. Catering

  • Identify the catering company and decide the menu.
  • 4. Sound

  • Sound system and DJ.
  • Work Breakdown Structure


    Gant Chart

    Risk Management Plan

    L: Low Risk

    M: Medium Risk

    H: High Risk


    Roles and Responsibilities


    Assignment 1 Part B LiNQ
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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