The most important thing to know when starting a Media plan is to always know that Advertising is not an expense. Advertising is an investment which will benefit you and broaden your customers. If there are any doubts about your advertising not increase your sales more than the cost of the advertising cost.

The next important thing to do is know what you are selling and how you will interest your customers. There is no point spending hundreds of thousands of dollars if the advertisements are not appealing to the customer. This is why monitoring each step can really benefit the media plan.

Planning and research is the best thing to do when figuring out which medias are better for your business. Put up subtle surveys which ask which media was most appealing to the customers.


The different Media which I would choose are TV, Radio, Newspaper/ magazine, Internet and Event/Brochures. This is because all of these methods of Media have high enough Cost Vs Reach.

These media are the best and most popular choices compared to the many other options. Other media can bring inconvenience to people and cause people to have a negative image of them such as direct mailing. These mails are a waste of paper and people are never willing to read these. That is why they are called “Junk Mail”.

These five media options also have the highest number of responses. This means that these 5 medias will make people respond to the advertising more than the other media options.

Different Products and Services have their own dominant media preference. Such as food recipes and restaurants are heavily invested in the Magazine media. There are many fishing programs on the television during weekends and mid day such as ET fishing, however you won’t find many magazines or events about a new product being released into the fishing market. This is because people have their media preferences about existing products and where they are more likely to read about them.

The media preference is also very dependent on the target market. For example if the product’s target market is for younger people such as video games, it is not a good choice to choose Newspaper media because not many teenagers read the newspapers every day.


Budget for a Month


The total amount of money spent on advertising is $6.36 million a year or $530,000 a month. This may seem like a lot however compared to the amount of revenue Samsung receives each year, this amount is less than 1 percent of the sales. Also comparing to the competitor of Samsung, Apple is spending a very large amount more on advertising.

The vice president of World Wide marketing recently announced that in 2011, Apple budgeted about $900 million for the entire year. However this was also less than 1 percent of their sales. Budgeting a advertising plan is an important part. As said before, Advertising is not an expense. It is not forced upon the business however, it benefits your company. It is an investment, and all investments are very important.


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an important part. As said before, Advertising is not an expense. It is not forced upon the business however, it benefits your company. It is an investment, and all investments are very important.

Timeframe: 2014-2015


Scheduling Strategies





Media Plan

Executive Summary

Samsung Sliding PC 7 is Samsung’s newest model in the tablet and Pc market. The sliding pc maximizes the benefits of a tablet such as the light weight and compact design, while maintaining the brilliant quality and technological enhancements that make Samsung such a reliable and dependable company.

The target market of the Samsung Sliding PC 7 is a wide range. The age will be ranged from school students 12+ to the people close to retirement about 60+. It is made to benefit both males and females and all nationalities with its diverse range of language settings. The Samsung Sliding PC 7 is the first of its type and will change the whole market completely. The tablet is known to be a sell out immediately as the hype has overtaken most other large releases such as apple’s next phones and iPads. The Sliding PC 7 is said to change the whole meaning of the word convenience when it comes to technology.

Situational Analysis

This product’s originality and technological advancements has made the Samsung Sliding PC 7 one of the most hyped up and interesting products being released into the market since the beginning of 2012. The sliding pc 7 is a combination of the new tablet model and a modern laptop or net book. It has combined the benefits of both these products to make a new product that will change the market forever.

Samsung’s biggest competitor is Apple. Both these companies have lasted for so long due to their innovations and originality. Both these companies have their loyal customers. This new product may make Samsung the Leader of this telecommunication device market. Apple has not yet made one of these models so Samsung will have a very large advantage over Apple when they release the Samsung Sliding PC 7. The designing of the models is protected by copyrights which protect the intellectual properties of these companies.

Advertising analysis

Key competitor

The main competitor is Apple-Ipad2

The other brands of mobile and computers

Target audiences

  • Students
  • Professional workers
  • Teenagers and middle ages group
  • Existing materials

    Sliding PC 7 Series: Combining…


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