Assignment Aut 2014




Assignment Aut 2014


ASSIGNMENT (Assessment 2)


This document consists of five (5) pages including this page. Part A starts on page 2 and continues on page 3. Part B starts on page 3 and continues on page 4. A suggested format for the letter is on page 5.

This assignment consists of two parts: Part A (short answer questions) and Part B (letter). Both Part A and Part B must be completed.

Part A and Part B are each worth 15 marks (total for the Assignment is 30 marks).

Word limit: The word limit for the entire assignment is 1500 words, excluding referencing.

There is no 10% margin of error on the word limit and you may not use footnotes to get around the word limit (eg, such as by placing extra text in the footnotes – footnotes should be used for the reference only as a general rule, not for added descriptions).

Style and Format: Your answers in Part A must be in full sentences, not point form. The letter should also be in full sentences and written in a formal, business-like tone. The letter should be submitted using either the suggested format (see the final page of this document), or another format you consider to be suitable for a formal business letter. Please note though that if the format is not suitable, marks for presentation will be reduced. See the section Notes/Advice, starting on page 4, for more information and tips on style, referencing and resources, etc.

Checklist: You must submit/deliver your assignment answers in accordance with the procedure outlined in the Learning Guide (i.e., must be submitted through Turnitin). The assignment must be submitted by the due date and time, or late penalties will begin to accumulate until received. In order to submit your assignment, please note the following:

  • Please do NOT affix an Assignment Cover Sheet to your assignment. You are NOT required to include a Cover Sheet when uploading your assignment. Assignment Cover Sheets are automatically built-in to Turnitin.
  • Part A: there is no need to include the questions, but you must number your answers consistently with the questions.
  • Part B: Letter. Please start a new page for the letter.
  • It is not necessary to attach a copy of these instructions, or of the questions, as part of your assignment.


    Assignment Aut 2014
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    It is not necessary to attach a copy of these instructions, or of the questions, as part of your assignment.

    Marking: The marking criteria and standards are set out in the Learning Guide and will be used when marking and to provide feedback on your assignment. You may find it helpful to consult these while working on your assignment. See the Learning Guide for other information about marking and return of assignments, etc.

    Assignment Due: Wednesday, 23rd April 2014 by 5 pm.

    Part A: Short answer questions (15 marks)


    1. Fully explain the essential elements for a valid simple contract. (3 marks)

    2. Jack and Jill had worked for the same company in Sydney for more than twelve months. They had become close friends.

    Jack was offered an exciting new job in Melbourne provided that he can take up the position in seven days. He accepted the job offer and relocated within the week. Several days later Jack rang Jill from Melbourne in relation to his car which was parked at Jill’s apartment building car park. The following conversation took place between Jack and Jill:

    Jack: “I have a company car in the new job so I am going to sell my car. If you want it you can have it for $3,000 even though it is worth twice as much as that, but I need to know by Friday”.

    Jill: “I need a bit more time to think about this. Can I have until Sunday?

    Jack: “OK but no later”.

    Jill seeks your advice on whether she has a contract in the following situation:

    Jack sells the car for $10,000 to Clarence on Sunday morning. Jill rings Jack on Sunday afternoon to buy the car but before she can tell Jack she will take it he apologises to her for selling the car to Clarence as he made an offer “just too good to refuse”. (3 marks)

    3. Joanna’s aunt recently died, and in her Will Joanna was left the house and its contents, which included valuable paintings and antique furniture.

    Joanna and her husband, Peter, have been suffering financial difficulties, and Peter’s building business has also been struggling financially. This is because most of his clients are friends and it has been hard to get them to pay for completed work.

    Joanna decides to keep the house but sell the contents at a public auction. Once word of this sale gets out, she is contacted by relatives who desire certain objects. Her second cousin, Marie, writes to her, stating that she had been promised the big guilt edged mirror in the main hallway by the aunt. As it seems the aunt had forgotten the promise, Marie would buy it from Joanna for the nominal sum of $50 (the mirror is an antique worth $5,000). Marie stated that she will assume the mirror is hers if she does not hear from Joanna within…


    Assignment Aut 2014
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