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Audit report blueprint1




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The following is a summary of findings from a communications audit conducted by the Colorado Association of School Boards and Schoolhouse Communications for the Thompson School District.

Overall, perception of the district is largely positive. The district deserves praise for its efforts to spread the word in the community about its work. The district publishes a quarterly community newsletter; produces district television programming; holds monthly community luncheons with key stakeholders; has district representatives on local community groups (Rotary, United Way, Chamber of Commerce); attends community fairs to market the district; and has community-based groups in place to review facilities and growth issues.

However, despite the districts overall success and the strengths of its communications program, the communications audit identified three key communications challenges:

  • Rapid change, mixed messages, lack of information and the perception that student opinions are not welcomed contribute to low morale. It is hard to know how deep the morale issue runs without further research, but the topic came up in almost all employee focus groups.
  • Internal communication must be improved.
  • Staff focus group participants described the flow of communications from leadership to students as haphazard and unorganized. Employees said they and students often get conflicting messages from administrators. Staff at all levels acknowledged that central office employees are simply too overwhelmed to communicate well.
  • E-mail and the districts intranet system are other key sources of information for staff. and students. Unfortunately, neither of these tools seems to be working well. All staff groups took issue with the high volume of e- mails they receive and conflicting information in e-mails sent from various departments. Information on the staff intranet was described as poorly organized and hard to find.
  • The district Web site holds huge untapped potential to both market and communicate about the district and its schools. Unfortunately, the Web site received low marks across the board.
  • Recommendations:






    Audit report blueprint1
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    [Introduce the topic]

    The audit

    The reason for the audit

    Briefly discuss frameworks for [Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how

    they relate to ethics.

    Introduce the case [company] you are auditing

    State the aims of the report


    This report will investigate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the commitment made to it by companies in general and one firm in particular. The lattes had commissioned an audit of its communications in terms of CSR. The reason for this audit is recent bad publicity experienced by that corporation. CSR is defined as()…… It relates to ethics through its………………………. The company to be audited is………………………..and it stands accused of………………..This report aim to

    —– First

    —– A further aim is to………………………

    — This will be followed by recommendations for how the firm can improve its commitment to CSR and the communication of this change.

    2.0Scope of engagement

    What has the company asked you to do: Clearly outline…


    Audit report blueprint1
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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