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Aussie Pizza case study


Aussie Pizza is a pizza take away restaurant in Australia. Aussie Pizza restaurant are located in central business district in Cockle Bay Wharf. Aussie Pizza unique sauce and ingredients makes it a very popular choice by city workers who wants to have a quick pizza for lunch. Aussie Pizza pride itself as a unique business with strict quality management systems. The company wants to improve it success with the marketing plan. Should be effective for win more customer.

Purpose of this Marketing campaign

Get a good reputation of company and build trust in the Aussie Pizza brand. This should improve the sales and give the company more profit.

Mission Statement

The organisational marketing objective is to have the best and most interesting pizzas in the area. The proprietor wants the business to be known for its quality and its friendly service; here the customers feel “part of the family”.

Situational Analysis

Current Products


Pasta, Chicken and Bread

Target market

  • Age – males and females age 12-50
  • Family – family with children
  • All income level because very affordable
  • Consumer with busy life
  • have a party and need to serve a large number of people
  • School kids
  • The location is in the city, close to Darling harbour; within the three mile operating radius is a population of 121,705. The total number of apartments in this area is 48,839 with an average income of $58,197. Moreover, this area is a business area as well; there are many offices, schools, pubs and tourism attractions. As a result, the target markets are visitors, residences, officers and students. Our target market includes adults 20 to 54 years old who socialize and have families. Children are a big part of our market, at a third of the population is this area. Ages 4 to 19 prefer pizza over any fast food and often influence family dining decisions.

    Distribution networks

    The restaurant distributes the products in the restaurant. the customers can come to the restaurant and order their food. They will then have to wait around for about 15 minutes. If they want it delivered they will order online or on the phone and delivered to the address. They can also order first. And then come to restaurant and pick it up. They no have to wait.

    Current Competitors

  • Baia the Italian
  • Blackbird Café
  • Adria Bar and Grill
  • Chinta Ria
  • ......

    Aussie Pizza
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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  • Chinta Ria
  • Café Del Mar Sydney
  • Lindt Chocolate Café
  • I’m Angus Steak House
  • Nick’s 103
  • Nick’s Seafood Restaurant
  • Financial Condition

    The area is very wealthy as the customers are generally wealthy and come to this area for the celebrate. It is good because this area is high class like good quality food. There is only a few restaurant in the cockle bay wharf so there is opportunity for more business.

    The company is increasing in the market. The finance is improving. The income for a month improve from 50,000 to the 58,000 a month. This mean that the company perform well.

    Other competitors also perform very well.

    Pizza hut and dominos have good financial growing.

    Both these companies are performing very good.

    External Forces

    Economic factor

    If the economy is not in positive direction, many people will be cut cost for eating outside, so this will affect the sales for sure. Also, the ingredients price might increase while the sales decrease so it will result the business in negative way.

    We can overcome this problem by doing promotion such as buy 2 get 1 free or we can providing some discount with smaller size.

    Cultural and social factor

    Due to pizza is western fast food created by western people; some Asian people may not like to have pizza. This area is crowed of Asian people so it is possible that pizza might not popular in future if the most of customer trend to have Asian food.

    We can overcome this factor by creating various menus for multi-cultural customers.

    Technological factor

    Due to people in new generation use internet in their daily life, so they trend to do online shopping rather than shopping at the shop. If we not the online system, we might lose the opportunity to access to the customers.

    We can overcome this factor by developing the online system for ordering and promoting our brand.

    Marketing Strategy

    Campaign‘s audience and attributes

    The audience are:

    Attributes of Aussie Pizza:

  • Food quality
  • Unique ingredients
  • Unique of store
  • Customer service
  • Hygiene
  • Marketing Campaign options

  • Make the Event that will Attract more customers and get a lot of…
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    Aussie Pizza
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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