B-BSBINN601 Task3 (1) (1)




B-BSBINN601 Task3 (1) (1)

BSBINN601 – Manage Organizational Change

Assessment 3


Prepared by:

1. Miss.Siriwan Jaiwut 3431

2. Miss.KanphatsaweeYajaiman4057

Assessment 3 Implementation

Feedback from employees

The team members may have the best idea of what is going wrong in the operations and procedures of the team. The problems may not be with the employee performances but equipment performances or environment. These people will have direct knowledge of what is happening with the customers and what they are complaining about.

Fast Track Survey


This survey concenrs the new changes Fast Track is implementing to their work processes, particularly in the delivery of parcels. The changes are primarily;

1. Use of new PDA/GPS technology

2. One driver per truck and the installation of Automatic lifts in each truck

The questions below relate to this process.

The results of the survey

All results show that the organisation has not planned well for the change management and the current processes are not effective. The staff need sufficient training and the communication. The resistance to change is also causing issues with the staff performance and motivation.


B-BSBINN601 Task3 (1) (1)
Last updated: Feb 2024

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rent processes are not effective. The staff need sufficient training and the communication. The resistance to change is also causing issues with the staff performance and motivation.

Draft Communication Plan

There are many ways to communicate to the stakeholders of the company effectively. However most of them will come under 3 main categories. The first category is Face-to-face communication. This is the most effective way to communicate the organisations objectives. Face-to-face communication could be face-to-face conversations, meetings and walk around management. These ways get the most attention from employees. Electronic communication is less personal and less effective than face-to-face communication Emails, messages, phone calls and website communication will not get the employees attention. The last category is by print, such as letters or employee manuals. This is often unnoticed or ignored as it is not personal and does not engage the employee.

Final Revised Communication Plan

The communication plan in assessment task 2 will have the following adjustments:

Resistance to change

Change is difficult to manage for almost every organisation. After operating for a long time and establishing a distinct organisational culture, change is difficult to adapt to. Change will often require training and adjustment for the change to be effective. The change must also be planned well and organised carefully with consultation with other staff. Change can also make a situation worse, and therefore it is important to consider all risks.

Resistance Plan

Making sure that all stakeholders are aware of why the change management plan is needed. All the benefits should be listed to make sure that everyone knows why the change management is implemented and what the management team is trying to achieve with the change.Giving people the time to adapt to the change is another good way to prevent resistance of the change.

Transition plans are very important for keeping the company running smoothly while is change is occurring. Without these transition plans, a company will find it hard to adapt to these changes so fast. Transition phases make it much easier for employees to slowly get used to the new changes and not be placed in situations where they feel confused and lost. Employees need time to adapt to change and companies implement transition phases to make up for the time of adaption to change.


B-BSBINN601 Task3 (1) (1)
Last updated: Feb 2024

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