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Bangunan Berlian Suruhanjaya Tenaga


Sustainability has become an increasingly significant factor in the design and management of buildings, organisations or projects as the world has acknowledged the dire impact that industrialisation has caused. Subsequently, sustainability has now become the most fundamental drivers of innovation, as the significance it has on the environment and future lives of humanity is momentous.

Bangunan Berlian Suruhanjaya Tenaga, also commonly referred to as the Diamond Building due to its unique shape and design was recently honored and prized the winner of the ASEAN Energy Awards. The building earned this prestigious and highly commendable award through an exemplary design strategy which allows the building to sustain an immense amount of resources. Additionally, Bangunan Berlian Suruhanjaya Tenaga has been able to achieve a Platinum rating under the GBI or Green Building Index of Malaysia. This is the highest rating that a building can attain, thus demonstrating the extraordinary level of sustainability which the building has achieved.

The design was implemented to maximise energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor envrionmental quality, outdoor environmental quality and renewable energy usage. The building’s aesthetic shape which resembles an inverted pyramid was designed to maximise the natural lighting thus minimising the need of articial lighting during the day.

Literature Review

Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Delivery written by Charles J. Kibert , describe the foundations of a green building as well as the design process and implementation of a model Green Building. This book accentuated the importance of sustianability and how it can be implemented into the design of mordern buildings and innovative architecture. Natural lighting is something that many buildings designs fail to utilise, as conventional building designs were unable to use techniques such as an Atrium to reflect and disperse the light evenly throughout the building.

According to the article by , China’s largest solar office building was established in 2009. The sustainable building is the 4th World Solar City Congress, this building as achieved great success such as being awarded the 4th most sustainable building in the world. The building uses a very similar concept to the Bangunan Berlian Suruhanjaya Tenaga as the chinese solarpowered building maximised the surface area of the solar panels to convert more light into energy. Although the shape and structure of Bangunan Berlian Suruhanjaya Tenaga and the 4th World Solar City Congress are dissimilar, the

Concept of Bangunan Berlian Suruhanjaya Tenaga

Design Process


Design Strategy

The diamond design was selected for its philosophical and practical values and to conceptualise an iconic office building. The diamond symbolizes transparency, value and durability; characteristics which represent the Energy Commission’s role and mission as a regulatory body. The unique shape represents an optimum design approach to achieve energy efficiency.


Bangunan Berlian Suruhanjaya Tenaga
Last updated: Feb 2024

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ffice building. The diamond symbolizes transparency, value and durability; characteristics which represent the Energy Commission’s role and mission as a regulatory body. The unique shape represents an optimum design approach to achieve energy efficiency.

During the design stage, extensive computer simulation of the diamond form was conducted to ensure that the expected daylight and energy performance are met. In order to maintain the occupants’ visual comfort, various daylight simulation exercises were conducted to ensure adequate and well distributed daylight. The information obtained from the simulation exercises also provided useful information on the appropriate measures that can be adopted in reducing energy consumption without compromising on the occupants’ comfort level.

The Diamond Building’s design strategy is encapsulated through four main aspects, namely Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Indoor Environmental and Outdoor Environmental Quality.

The building energy index (BEI) is a measurement on the total annual energy used in a building in kilowatt hours divided by the floor area in square meters. The BEI of a typical office building in Malaysia has an average energy index of 210kWh/m2 per year. The Diamond Building is designed with a BEI of 85kWh/m2 per year at 2,800 hours usage – a 65% reduction in energyconsumption. At present, the building’s average BEI is at 65kWh/m2 per year.

Major Sustainable Features

Self Shading Façades

The façades on Bangunan Berlian Suruhanjaya Tenaga the are called self shading because they block direct sunlight from entering the building. The building achieves self shading by inclining the façade at an angle of 25°. This angle was chosen because during the year, the path of the sun can either be tilted north or south by 25°. Hence by incorporating a façade inclined at 25° in the building design, the north and south façades are self shaded throughout the year. The east and west façades still see morning and afternoon sun, however, the inclined façade reduces the impact of direct sunlight. The sustainablity consultants for the building, IEN Consultants, estimates that the inclined façades reduce solar exposure by 40%.

The ultimate advantage of reducing direct sunlight from entering the building is reducing the internal heat of the building and consequently, minimizing the size of the heating ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system. Downsizing the HVAC system has multiply benefits of reducing costs of equipment, reducing energy consumption and occupying smaller areas.

Low e-glazing


Bangunan Berlian Suruhanjaya Tenaga employs several lighting innovations to maximise the use of natural light and utilise artifical light in an energy efficient manner. These solutions include:

  • An atrium, a glass dome and automatic blinds
  • Mirror lightshelves
  • Roof light troughes
  • Light sensors and electronically controlled lights
  • The Atrium, Dome and Blinds

    The first system used to increase natural daylight in the building is a large cylindrical atrium within the centre of the building with a large glass dome that covers the atrium. On top of the glass dome is a…


    Bangunan Berlian Suruhanjaya Tenaga
    Last updated: Feb 2024

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