Appendix 4

Decision Analysis Report

For CoffeeVille Café

Part 1 – Decision / Issue Name

This decision analysis report is required to assist CoffeVille fronting some issues that must be solved to ensure the business produce progressive and good indicators to start growing the sales and revenue again. Some issues are:

  • Every time is developing new business in the industry, which means more competition.
  • Increase in the number of residential properties in the areas and the business offices are closing permanently, it ends up with less visitors for the shop.
  • Raise Negatively trends on the economic data including property vacancy.
  • Income and profit reduction of the company.
  • Financial crisis is affecting the business regarding the cookery.
  • Decision required

    The CoffeeVille marketing plan needs to be re-considerate for the business as the target market should be re-establish, it recommended due to the current trends around the place and the purpose is also take into account better actions to prevent losses for the company.


    During the last 12 months the business has been showing a drop in the sales income of external catering, specifically in November and December. The prices of the materials and products are rising like rent, food and wages. This has caused a fall in the revenues.

    Part 2 – Analysis

    Part 3 – Decision options

    Part 4 – Recommendation / Action taken

    Statistical Analysis

  • Trend Analysis......

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  • Trend Analysis
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Appendix 5

  • What is your objective/s for the analysis process you plan to undertake?
  • The analysis objective process is to recognise what tendencies are affecting the business issues. Gathering the internal and external data and information of the last year by statically techniques that lead to find the core of the problem.

    These analysis outcomes pretend also to explain what are the best ways for the company to confront the root cause of problems and to undertake the best option, which minimise the loss and prevent more damage in the future.

  • Briefly describe how management information or decision support systems can assist you when analysing information and identifying trends and patterns.
  • To evaluate the information and identify the trends and costumer constant habits, we can proceed with DSS (Decision Support System) and MIS (Management Information System). Both can provide worth it information for the analysis procedures, report and assessment.

  • Briefly describe how management information or decision support systems can support the analysis of proposed courses of action and their impact on the business.
  • The MIS and DSS can assist by using internal and external data to create scenarios simulated and modelling scenarios to forecast the impact of the options on different aspects of the business.

    4. Using an information system of your choice, demonstrate how you adjust

    information by using the following steps:

    a. Take a screen capture of original screen to be adjusted

    b. List steps required to adjust information

    c. Take a screen capture of the edited screen

    Some adjustments have to be done to reach the goals. MIS and DSS includes analytical and statistical tools to develop types and number of variances included in the analysis, decision models, sources of data and information used in calculations and ranges for data values, such as period, highest and lowest values. Each business situation is different and it varies over the time.


    Last updated: Feb 2024

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