Assessment Task 4

Appendix 1: Coffeeville’s Report


CoffeeVille has taken the decision to reconsider their target market and the strategy in order to attract new customers to their establishment. The negative results and a decreased profit over the last few months have created a necessity to implement changes and new approaches. In addition to some flaws in the business strategies, the owners feel there is a lack of assertiveness in communication, affecting the decision making process.

Purpose of Report

This report summarises the research carried on the management systems that are believed to be more appropriate for the company. As part of the introduced implementations, CoffeeVille has opted to offer new special meal combos, online promotions, and take-aways; consequently, the company finds it essential to lay these new management systems. The goals of the introduced system are to provide a more efficient communication and understanding of the order, optimising time but at the same time offering the necessary information for an ideal service. The new computerized system includes food, beverage, meals, customer loyalty and accounting.

Documentation and Regular Update for the System

Maintaining an updated database and documenting the adequate information frequently ought to priorities with the new system. The DBMS, fed with information from POS, Loyalty Clubs and Feedback forms, is going to provide an automatic update on customers, leading to regular updates and at the same time obeying legal requirements. Allowing this data collection will also prove handy in future decision-making.

Features and Benefits

The system is going to be customised, tailored and tested to the requirements and politics of CoffeeVille. The following are benefits and features:

  • An effective systematization of data collection and processing
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  • An effective systematization of data collection and processing
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimise the decision making process with concrete and accurate data
  • Processes will be carried on a more controlled fashion
  • Utilize Technology to Provide Optimum Efficiency and Quality

    The collected data will be supportive for business operations as well as its diffusion. Tools like data mining will allow storing and analysing information, which has a positive impact at the moment of making decisions. Data warehouse generates a direct contact among stores and managers. The relationship between data and the strategic support are going to offer new possibilities thanks to the use of multidimensional modelling. Complex information also becomes more accessible through the use of data visualization.

    Maintain Corporate Knowledge and Ensure Security

    As business data and intellectual property are critically in need of proper security, the new management will increase measures in this topic. The steps undertaken are:

  • Use of security password, fingerprint recognition, and codes to the restricted areas of the system so that only the authorised people will have access to the valuable information.
  • The corporate knowledge and sensitive information is going to have a protected access that only the authorized people will have access to with previous log in to keep track.
  • Back up of all the information saved in the system
  • Professional security software, and periodically revision of the system.
  • Appendix 2: Communications Plan Template


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